56 Accelerator alumni feature in Department of International Trade 2023 Digital Health Playbook

The UK’s Digital Health Playbook 2023 Edition features over 200 UK innovators and exporters. They were selected for the Playbook after a rigorous process, based on a range of criteria including how committed they were to export and international expansion, the global uniqueness of their innovation, a track-record of working collaboratively with DIT and Healthcare UK, their responsiveness, and how well they represent the UK journey and direction in digital health, particularly with the NHS.

56 of the companies featured are alumni of the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator or Launchpad programmes:

Remote and virtual

“It is an honour for Concentric to be featured in the DIT Digital Health Playbook as we continue to expand overseas. We thank the DIT for their ongoing support in the development of international links. One only needs to look at the playbook to see the exciting array of digital health innovation coming out of the UK, and it is a testament to the UK’s reputation as a health technology leader.” – Patrick Hart – Founder’s Associate, Concentric Health.

“EIDO Healthcare have found the mentoring and advice of the Accelerator programme team to be invaluable. The opportunities and insights provided by the programme will help us drive forward the adoption of our digital solutions. We’re delighted to be part of the 2023 digital playbook.”
Matthew Ravenscroft – Director, EIDO Healthcare Ltd.

“As a team, we threw ourselves into as much of the DigitalHealth.London activities as we could and were very fortunate to be rewarded with extra time, care and attention from digital health experts Hannah Harness, Jenny Thomas and Tara Donnelly. Net result, the Helicon Health created a sustainable business model with three distinct but complimentary business segments, all based around our self funding model and our core skills as Clinicians, Business Developers and Software Engineers. The coaching and mentoring we received helped us win an SBRI Healthcare award for self care – and that in turn helped to convince The Department of Industry & Trade (Healthcare U.K.) that we could be relied upon to put in front of a number of international trade missions starting with Arab Health in Dubai in 2018. This led to Helicon being nominated for the third year running in what is now Beyond100 top Digital Health companies in the U.K. for 2022/3. We are very grateful for all the help from DigitalHealth.London and wish others who follow every success on what is for most a tough journey.” – Tony Bowden – CEO, Helicon Health.

“Living With is super excited to be listed in the DIT Digital Health Playbook and have the support to scale all the innovation that we have developed in the UK internationally. Thank you to both the DIT and the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator for their help in getting here” – Chris Robson – CEO, Living With.

“Patients Know Best are delighted to have been listed again in the DIT Digital Health Playbook for 2023. Continued growth both nationally and internationally is a core focus for many businesses, including PKB. A key contributor to successful scaling is strong partnerships. We were proud to be part of the DigitalHealth.London programme where DigitalHealth.London as our partner supported our growth and expansion in the UK, and for the past few years we are proud to be part of DITs playbook and grateful for the support we receive exploring international markets. We look forward to continuing expanding in these areas in the future.” – Sally Rennison – Chief Commercial Officer, Patients Know Best.

“We’re absolutely delighted to be featured in the Department for International Trade’s Digital Health Playbook 2023. Our achievements in the past year are the result of the hard work and efforts of our fantastic Sapien team. We’re also grateful for the support from industry partners at DigitalHealth.London and AWS who have guided us throughout our journey. We’re excited about what’s to come next.” – Dr Matthew Beatty – CEO, Sapien Health


“We are delighted to be featured in the playbook. DigitalHealth.London’s programme was instrumental in Healums export Led growth strategy. It helped us to develop the evidence base with the NHS to set us up for market access in the UK and in other markets.” – Nirmit Upadhyay – Business Development Manager, Healum.

“We really enjoyed being a part of the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator, and the ongoing community that has created. One of the benefits was that we got connected to programmes such as the DIT Digital Health Playbook. We’re proud to be representing the British health tech sector as we expand abroad. Thank you so much for the support!” – Mridula Pore – Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Peppy.

Triage and Pre-Assessment

“As a member of DigitalHealth.London Cohort 1 and participant in the first edition of the DIT Digital Health Playbook we have seen both programmes contribute to our success and the success of fellow British HealthTech innovators, said Tobias Alpsten, Founder and CEO of iPLATO Healthcare. Thanks in part of these programmes iPLATO and myGP are now serving over 31 million people with patient engagement, digital front door, online and remote consultation.” – Tobias Alpsten – CEO & Founder, iPLATO.

Screening and Diagnostics

Data and Analysis

“We’re thrilled to be included in the Department for International Trade’s Digital Health Playbook 2023 which is key to our plans for international expansion. We were lucky enough to be accepted onto DigitalHealth.London a few years ago and as a direct result now have a very successful partnership with Chelsea & Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. We have continued to grow our partner base and are currently in use at over 140 NHS and private hospitals in the UK and Ireland working to make remote, digital outcomes measurement a routine and systematic part of clinical practice to help drive better value healthcare.” – Dr Tim Williams, Co-Founder & CEO of My Clinical Outcomes.

System Efficiency and Transformation

“Being accepted as one of 35 digital solutions included in the 2023 DIT Playbook means a lot to us at Soar Beyond. It is a validation of the potential game-changing impact our SMART workforce solution can have on healthcare delivery globally, beyond our initial reach within the UK. We are excited about what the future will hold and are confident that this vehicle will catalyse our global plans at scale and pace.” – Tiba Rao – Co-Founder and Director of Innovation, Soar Beyond.

Augmented Healthcare Professionals

“Medwise.ai is super excited to be selected for the third year running as part of the DIT’s #Beyond100 Digital Health Playbook. The DigitalHealth.London Launchpad helped provide us with critical learnings early on in our development and was instrumental in helping us to build relationships and raise our profile. We’re looking forward to growing our footprint in new markets in 2023.” – Dr. Keith Tsui – CEO & Co-Founder, Medwise.ai.

Future Tech

Collaboration and Communication

“As one of the ‘First 100’ digital health companies recommended for worldwide export in 2021, we are proud to be recognised in the 2023 edition of the Department for International Trade’s UK Digital Health Playbook. The Playbook features over 200 UK innovators who can provide solutions for all of today’s health and care challenges. ImproveWell makes it simple to capture real-time frontline feedback to improve staff experience and the quality of patient care. Never has this been more important. The UK has an impressive digital health sector; the support from the Department for International Trade and the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator continues to be invaluable as we scale these market-leading technologies.” – Lara Mott – CEO, ImproveWell.

“We’re pleased to be featured in the Digital Health Playbook, as one of 200 UK innovators working with the NHS and primed to expand into health systems overseas. Irrespective of where healthcare workers are in the world, digital task management is an important workforce tool that can save them time, increase efficiencies, and make patient care safer. Our DigitalHealth.London Accelerator NHS Navigator helped us to define our offer ready for scale in the NHS and this has enabled us to gain the experience and evidence we need to meet healthcare challenges faced overseas. The UK digital health community has a lot to offer the world and we’re glad to be a part of it.” – Elliott Engers – CEO, Infinity Health.

“It is a privilege for my company, Written Medicine to be included in the Department of International Trade 2023 Digital Health Playbook. We are continually recognised as one of the few digital health companies making a practical impact on health inequalities and the only one with an NHS England case study. The problem we are solving of language and communication barriers around medication information is a global one. We look forward to using the NHS as a launchpad to take our solution abroad. ” – Ghalib Khan – Cofounder & Director, Written Medicine.

Ones to watch:

“We’re proud to be included as “Ones to Watch” in the DIT’s 2023 Digital Health Playbook, selected alongside some of the UK’s leading healthcare companies.  With the obvious healthcare inequalities globally the need for change is evident. Lifelight supports this change by effectively monitoring people’s vital signs regularly and remotely, via a user’s everyday smartphone or tablet.  This allows the right clinical pathway to be taken earlier and avoids later, more costly interventions for healthcare provider and patient. We appreciate the DIT’s inclusion and acknowledge the support of our partners, including DigitalHealth.London, in increasing the awareness of Lifelight.” – Laurence Pearce – CEO & Founder, Lifelight.

The DigitalHealth.London Accelerator is a collaborative programme funded by London’s three Academic Health Science Networks – UCL Partners, Imperial College Health Partners, and the Health Innovation Network, MedCity, CW+ and receives match funding from the European Regional Development Fund.