Digital Health Passport (Tiny Medical Apps)

NHS problem

Long term conditions are responsible for over half of GP visits and 70% of total health and social care spend; asthma affects 10% of the population and outcomes in the UK remain some of the worst in Europe.

In cases where young people have died due to asthma complications, poor medication compliance, poor self-care, and lack of information about the patient are repeatedly cited as contributing factors. The system does not support teenagers with the tools they need to manage long term conditions like asthma.

The solution

Tiny Medical Apps’ flagship product, the Digital Health Passport, is an NHS Login enabled Personal Health Record app designed to help patients improve their management of long-term conditions, starting with asthma.


The Health Foundation estimates £800 million could be saved annually by helping patients better manage their long term conditions by preventing up to 400,000 emergency admissions. On its work with asthma, the Digital Health Passport:

  • Engages young people and helps them take ownership for their care
  • Provides access to a personalised asthma care plan, which helps patients manage their condition and reduce unplanned hospital visits
  • Helps reduce the risk of adverse outcomes for those with poorly managed asthma