Our programmes reach across the sector, providing expert advice, bespoke mentoring and unique partnership opportunities to digital health leaders who are tackling the biggest challenges facing patients and NHS and social care staff.

Helping companies speed up spread and adoption

A highly competitive 12-month programme for digital health companies that have high potential products or services which help tackle current NHS and social care challenges.

Perfect if you…

  • Have a digital product or service that meets a challenge facing London’s NHS and/or social care sector
  • Have a product or service that has been piloted and is ready to scale
  • Are ready and able to work collaboratively with NHS staff and digital health leaders for 12-months

Helping staff transform the NHS through digital

A 12-month programme that supports NHS staff in London and the South East to design, lead and deliver digital transformation.

Perfect if you…

  • Are leading a digital transformation project in an NHS organisation in London or the South East of England
  • Want to join a community of other NHS pioneers to work together and solve similar challenges
  • Are able to attend training modules and workshop with leading sector experts 

Helping companies and academics to generate evidence 

A programme driving evidence generation as a foundation of digital transformation through connecting digital health companies with academics and research organisations.

Perfect if you…

  • Are a digital health company looking to access expertise in London’s key research organisations 
  • Or are a researcher looking for access to some of the most innovative digital health products and services being introduced to the NHS and social care

Helping companies launch a new product or service

A three-month programme that supports digital health companies refine and launch new, innovative digital health products and services to the NHS and social care market.  

Perfect if you…

  • Are an early-stage digital health company with a product or service nearing launch into the health and social market
  • Have a product or service that can meet a challenge facing London’s health and social care sector
  • Are keen to work with NHS staff and expertise across digital health sector through bespoke mentoring and one-to-one advice

Helping to empower founders from diverse backgrounds

A pioneering initiative dedicated to championing inclusivity and providing tailored support to founders from diverse backgrounds in the digital health innovation space.

Perfect if you…

  • Are a founder of a digital health company who identifies as being from a diverse background as laid out by UK Shared Prosperity Fund guidelines (Black, Asian, or Minority Ethnic communities, the global majority, female, are neurodiverse, and/or disabled)
  • Are able and ready to work through a comprehensive development curriculum that encompasses coaching, peer support, mentoring, learning opportunities, networking avenues, and, where applicable, potential investment and funding support.

Helping companies attain environmental sustainability and minimise their carbon footprint

An initiative supporting companies to explore and implement strategies that promote environmentally responsible operations, ultimately fostering innovation and efficiency throughout the digital health sector.

Perfect if you…

  • Are a digital health company looking to meet the new NHS procurement requirements starting in April 2024 (a minimum of 10% net zero and social value weighting as well as a published Carbon Reduction Plan)
  • Are keen to adopt eco-friendly business practices and contribute to the broader NHS goal of achieving Net Zero emissions.