Vantage Health


NHS problem

A key way to reducing outpatient attendance at hospitals is through the implementation of local and national pathway guidance which have been developed by hospital consultants and clinicians to determine the most appropriate provider for patients which is often away from hospitals and in a more local setting.

Whist the work on these pathways have been clinically excellent, they have proven to be extremely difficult to use given the limited time of clinicians.

The solution

Vantage Health provides technology-driven solutions to the NHS as part of its mission to help transform the way healthcare is delivered.

Their latest solution, the artificial intelligence (AI) platform Rego Care Navigator, transforms the referral process by helping clinicians to direct patients to the best care based on pathway guidance.


  • The service currently benefits around 1/3rd of the UK population.
  • On working with a London NHS Trust they identified average savings in excess of £10million per year.
    In discussions with Matthew Gould of NHS Digital they identified potential savings in GP time of 1.1 million hours per year.
  • The solution is directly aligned with the Elective Care Transformation Programme aiming to deliver reductions of 30% or greater in elective referrals to hospitals.
  • They have also identified the potential for carbon emission savings of 10,000 tons per year.