NHS problem

There are increasing demands on general practice in the UK. The NHS is finding it difficult to recruit and retain GPs, and more patients are reporting difficulty in accessing care and are less satisfied with their experience of using GP services.

The solution

Medicspot is building a network of remote GP clinics. Patients visit their local Medicspot “station,” where they can talk to a doctor via a video link and be remotely examined using the attached diagnostic devices that differentiate it from video-only consultation providers.


The solution optimises clinicians’ time by automating diagnostics and population health:

  • Has carried out 10,000+ consultations in the UK with 95% of consultations completed
  • Can manage 75% more conditions than video only consultation platforms
  • Has partnered with more than 230 pharmacies in the UK to offer on-demand healthcare services
  • Patients rate the convenience as 8.5/10 on Trustpilot