NHS problem

Cancer is increasingly becoming a chronic disease, with 58% of cancer patients surviving for 10 years or more. Clinicians need a better way to communicate with, monitor and follow up their patients remotely. Receiving care and support that is tailored to a patient’s needs can significantly improve their experience and quality of life. This is a key priority for the NHS , reflected in the self-management pathways and remote follow-up processes being introduced across the country.

The solution

Vinehealth’s platform improves the quality of life and outcomes of cancer patients. Co-developed with hundreds of patients and NHS oncologists, the platform combines behavioural science and AI to empower patients to self-manage effectively, through personalised Trust-specific information, remote support and communication with their care team.

Through this, the platform generates rich longitudinal PROMS data to inform better clinical decision-making and efficient service delivery.

There is strong evidence that this support and PROMS data improves the patient experience, improves clinical outcomes and reduces burden on clinicians and services.


  • Better self-management by cancer patients
  • Improves outcomes, including quality of life, satisfaction with care, and survival
  • Improved patient-clinician communication leading to more efficient delivery of care
  • Cost saving for clinical providers through more effective triage, better symptom management, reduced emergency presentations