Dr Julian

NHS problem

Incumbent NHS psychological services (IAPT) are characterised by lengthy waiting-lists and poor recovery rates, and these are subject to considerable geographic variation. Increased demand, reductions in real-terms investment in mental health services and increased competition for face-to-face sessions means that despite making the effort to see a GP, many will not receive face-to-face care, with this figure currently reaching one-in-three.

The solution

Dr Julian is an innovative mental healthcare platform web and mobile app that increases the accessibility of mental healthcare.

They connect patients almost immediately to mental healthcare therapists by secure video/audio/text appointments using a calendar appointment booking system. Patients get choice of when they want their appointment operate seven days a week, 365 days a year, all hours of the day. They match a patient to the correct therapist for them using filters via the language (patients can have therapist that speaks their language) and Issue they need help with, and offer every organisation they work with their own unique customised white-labelled version of the platform that specific therapists can be added to. By utilising a global network of therapists Dr Julian can match patients and therapists far more efficiently and conveniently, and find the right therapist for the patient.

  • Two-in-three mental health patients deteriorate, four-in-ten consider self-harm and a quarter contemplate suicide.
  • Face-to-face IAPT costs the NHS £518 million per year. Dr Julian’s system costs £45 for low intensity IAPT, £60 for high intensity support and £100 per session for secondary care clinical psychology support.
  • This represents a potential cost saving for the NHS of £296 million at a weighted average, but more realistically £29 million if 10% of treatments were undertaken using Dr Julian.
  • Dr Julian currently works with 30 NHS services and also occupational health and law firms.

Alongside our service provision model, we have recently launched our technology as a service proposition for service providers wanting benefits of enhanced efficiency in a case management/ EHR system, alongside a patient facing system.