Soar Beyond (SMART)

Check out this poster case study with additional information about what Soar Beyond achieved during their time on the Accelerator programme.

NHS problem

The NHS struggle with recruitment, development and retention of workforce has been exacerbated by the introduction of newer and less familiar multidisciplinary team (MDT) roles as part of the NHS long term plan. It is vital to support and integrate these roles in a standardised way to ensure they are working safely and competently whilst contributing to an efficient, lean and equitable service where the patient is seeing the most appropriate healthcare professional. Team and individual development and growth is key to attracting and retaining the valued personnel that health and social care organisations are investing in.

The solution

SMART is a cloud-based platform enabling organisations to competency assess Healthcare Professional (HCP) skills required for safe service delivery across any discipline in a standardised way. The unique capability mapping function informs workforce development, training and retention strategies whilst managing and accelerating the impact of clinical and non-clinical roles. If this takes place currently, most is happening manually and inconsistently so the standardised change-managed implementation is vital. SMART can be applied to any team in health and social care ensuring lean and equitable service delivery in line with the People Plan to meet current and future needs of the patient population.


The SMART platform enables the following outcomes:

  • Delivering an efficient, lean and equitable service where the patient is seeing the most appropriate healthcare professional
  • Standardised, consistent and structured framework for workforce development
  • Improved confidence and competence of clinical and non-clinical roles
  • Visible capability maps of workforce to inform robust recruitment and development strategies
  • Spotlight on health and service provision inequities
  • Attraction, growth and retention of new and existing workforce