Ortus i-Health

NHS problem

The number of hospital outpatient appointments has doubled from 54M to 94M in the last ten years, costing the NHS £8bn. 25% of doctors say that 10-20% of patients need not have come to clinic, while 28% say that 10-20% of patients need not have been seen in person. Additionally, 8M people in 2016-17 missed appointments, at an estimated cost to the NHS of £1bn.

The solution

Ortus-iHealth provides a comprehensive virtual outpatient clinic platform, delivering personalised healthcare. It uses an app and web-based portals to combine appointment management, video consultations, remote monitoring, and patient-reported outcomes questionnaires.


Ortus-iHealth is digitising 12 outpatient pathways across six departments at Barts Hospital.

  • A 6-month pilot study with 39 patients who had undergone catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation demonstrated that:
    • The rate of patients missing appointments reduced from 10-12% to 3.4%. Across the NHS, this would save £750 million per annum
    • Ten more patients were seen per four-hour clinic, a 30% increase in capacity
    • Patients saved time and money
  • A study of 50 heart attack survivors at Barts enabled the hospital to:
    • Remotely monitor and update e-prescriptions for eight patients in 30 minutes
    • Conduct video consultations with eight patients in 70 minutes