Peppy Health

NHS problem

The impact of poor support during, say, the postnatal period or menopause, is difficult to measure, because it is massively under-researched. However, downstream impact can include poor parent-infant attachment (which is linked to mental health issues for both parent and child), lower rates of breastfeeding (linked to obesity and other long term health issues), and poor pelvic health for mothers (ultimately resulting in urogynaecological complications in later life).

For menopause, lack of support can certainly affect absence rates at work, as evidenced by a recent pilot we did with NHS England and Improvement staff, which showed a significant cohort taking more than three days off work. This is a particular issue for the NHS workforce which is heavily female and in their 40s and 50s. For individuals, in the long term, health during the menopause can also affect rates of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, depression/ anxiety and many other disorders

The solution

Peppy provides health support through life’s big transitions, such as becoming a parent, going through the menopause or going through a fertility journey. They connect you with experienced practitioners via their mobile app, so that you get the personalised support you need, in the moments that matter.


Peppy has served thousands of users so far, including more than 1,000 new and expectant parents during the COVID-19 crisis, as part of the TechForce-19 initiative.