Concentric Health

The problem
Consent to treatment is a key element of care, impacting the quality of clinical decision-making, experiences of patient-centred care and organisational medico-legal risk. The current paper consent process is a poor experience for both patients and clinicians; it sees clinicians filling in blank, carbon-copy consent forms with information for patients about their treatment. This leads to inappropriate treatments being undertaken, and results in significant errors and unsuitable variation, leading to annual NHS medico-legal costs in excess of £50m. Errors of omission are a major issue – 90% of paper consent forms omit at least one major risk.

With remote surgical and oncology pathways necessitated by COVID-19, the existing process is incompatible with post-COVID healthcare.

The solution
Concentric Health is a digital healthcare company working to transform the way decisions are made about our health – informed by patient outcomes, and shared by patient and clinician. Concentric is the UK market leading digital consent to treatment application, with remote consent functionality, which makes it easy for clinicians to share personalised information with patients, and leads to informed, shared decisions. Fully integrating with existing electronic clinical systems, Concentric fits seamlessly into current workflows.

Clinicians use Concentric to create electronic consent forms for their patients. By selecting the proposed treatment, they are presented with relevant, evidence-based template concepts and resources to support each consent form element. This template can then be tailored to the individual patient.

Since launch in April 2020:
– Over 77000 patients have had personalised information shared and given consent to their treatment via Concentric
– 1700 clinicians have moved to digital consent by default
– Average patient rating of 4.6 out of 5, with more than 10,000 5 star ratings