Concentric Health

NHS problem

Consent to treatment is a key element of care, in terms of the quality of clinical decision-making, experiences of patient-centred care, and organisational medico-legal risk.

The current paper consent process is a poor experience for both patient and clinician and leads to inappropriate treatments being undertaken. It’s been shown to result in significant errors and inappropriate variation, leading to NHS medico-legal costs in excess of £50m per year. Around 600 million patients complete a paper consent form globally per year.

With remote surgical and oncology pathways necessitated by COVID-19, the existing process is incompatible with post-COVID healthcare.

The solution

Concentric Health’s mission is to transform how decisions are made about our health. Decisions informed by patient outcomes, and shared by patient and clinician. Concentric is a digital consent application, with remote consent functionality, which makes it easy to share personalised information, and leads to informed, shared decisions.


Since launch in April 2020:

  • 11,000 patients have had personalised information shared and given consent to their treatment via Concentric
  • 300 clinicians have changed to using digital consent by default
  • 2,200 physical outpatient appointments avoided