NHS problem

Over 15 million people in England live with one or more of the long-term conditions accounting for 70% of the health expenditure and 78% of GP appointments. Person-centred care that includes collaborative care planning, social prescribing and behavioural support from multidisciplinary teams has the potential to significantly impact patient management of their condition outside the clinical setting.

The solution

Healum enables people to cost effectively monitor and understand their physical and mental health. It provides connected software and apps to improve self-management among patients with long term conditions.

  • 150,000 patients achieving a reduction of HBA1c by 1%
  • 12.2 million cost abatements from reductions in unnecessary GP appointments
  • Cost abatements of £138 million from 55,500 reduced admissions over 5 years from microvascular conditions
  • Complications from achieving a successful reduction of HBA1c in 150,000 patients by 1%
  • Cost abatements of £8.352 million by reducing drugs costs by 15% per patient to £314 amongst patients that have reduced their HBA1c by 1%
  • Estimated return on investment is between £3.65 and £6 for every £1 spent.