Medefer is a virtual outpatient provider working in partnership with the NHS to deliver faster access to specialist care for patients. The technology enables progression from outpatient recovery to sustainable transformation. Making complex and lengthy outpatient pathways a thing of the past.

Using our software platform, GP referrals are reviewed and managed through to discharge online by the Medefer team of GMC-registered, specialist consultants. The service manages up to 75% of patients remotely, freeing up capacity for patients who need in-person visits. The remote platform increases clinical capacity and flexibility, allowing hospitals to focus their resources where patients need them most.

Our HSJ Award winning partnership with the Isle of Wight NHS Trust, led to over 6,500 referrals being managed during the pandemic. This reduced RTT by 1% as the national RTT increased by 40%. The average new referral triage was 35 hours from referral.  2.8% of patients were quickly upgraded onto the 2-week-wait/rapid-access pathway. This resulted in 7 positive cancer cases that would otherwise not been diagnosed until much later.

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