Infinity Health

Infinity is a digital platform on which health and care staff can log, share and coordinate their daily care tasks in real-time. It eases the burden on NHS staff by helping them to manage their workload more easily, collaborate with colleagues from across specialties, and give visibility of the information they need, when they need it. Using Infinity solves many communications issues that arise with current paper-based processes, and that lead to more than one third of adverse events in healthcare. It saves hours of valuable clinical time, reduces the chance of things being missed, eliminates duplication, and supports improved patient flow. The platform integrates and sits alongside EHRs and EPRs, supporting staff to seamlessly coordinate care and access patient information from the point of care. This is safer for them, safer for patients, and more efficient. From task and patient-level, to ward and whole-site-level, Infinity supports health and care staff to manage the clinical and operational tasks that are critical to providing safe and effective care.