Babylon health

Babylon combines cutting-edge AI and broader technologies with human expertise to re-engineer a better model of healthcare. Their mission is to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on Earth. To make healthcare accessible, they deliver it through the devices people already own. To make healthcare affordable, they use technology to help ease the burden on our doctors. By automating their routine tasks, they allow doctors to focus on what they do best: give care to the patients who need it most. Babylon also use their tech to step in early and help people become more informed about diseases — so they can make informed decisions and stay healthier for longer. In the UK, the NHS data shows that Babylon have achieved 96% in the Quality and Outcomes Framework for 2019-2020. 93% of their members register 5 and 4-star ratings and the Babylon doctors report that their job satisfaction is three times higher than the wider clinical community. The service saves up to 35% of total costs.