NHS problem

  • The lack of complete vital signs information in video consultations (exacerbated by COVID-19 restricting GP and patient mobility.
  • Inappropriate urgent care attendance for vulnerable elderly patients (cost to the system and patient outcomes)
  • Avoidable GP home visits resulting from unstructured information from care homes
  • Restructuring infrastructure between social care and healthcare providers in the transition to Integrated Care Systems

The solution

Feebris extends clinical decision making into care homes to provide health systems with a safer and more accurate way of delivering high quality remote consultations. The AI-powered platform enables carers to conduct high quality check-ups in their communities, triage health issues proactively, and escalate concerns to clinicians.


  • Rapid deployment (averaging one to two weeks, from first contact to fully-trained clinicians). Reached stable use in 20 care homes (800 patients) in East London in one month with 76% patient coverage.
  • Evidenced impact in India: four times faster time to diagnosis with 60% of check-ups leading to treatment intervention in the community and 85% reduction in severity. More than 5000 check-ups conducted.