Meet the 21 companies set to transform London’s Health and Care System

We are proud to announce the latest 21 digital health companies selected for our flagship Accelerator programme. The 21 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) selected for the Accelerator 2022 programme have digital solutions or services that have the highest potential to meet London’s NHS and social care challenges. From apps to AI, remote monitoring to telephony, and mental health to cancer, the solutions from these 21 companies will transform pathways across the sector.

Now in its sixth consecutive year, the NHS-delivered programme, match funded by the European Regional Development Fund, has supported some of the most effective digital innovations now being used by the NHS.

We are passionate about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the long-term success of innovation and transformation within the NHS and are proud that 24 percent of the sixth cohort identify as being ethnic minority owned, 39% are either female-majority owned or there is no clear majority and 10% are partly or majority owned by a person with a disability.

Jenny Thomas, Programme Director, DigitalHealth.London, said: “We are delighted to announce today the 21 digital health companies joining our sixth DigitalHealth.London Accelerator cohort. The application process for this year’s programme was competitive as ever and as such, the final 21 companies truly are the ones to watch in the digital health space. We look forward to working with them and continuing to play our part in supporting the NHS and social care through digital transformation.”

Theo Blackwell, Chief Digital Officer for London, said: “The DigitalHealth.London Accelerator ensures that London is at the forefront of digital innovation in health and social care. Many of the digital health technologies and products that are currently supporting our NHS staff and patients have come through the Accelerator. I’m excited to see the additional benefit of DigitalHealth.London’s international partnerships this year which will provide the opportunity to spread some of the fantastic innovations happening in the UK and to learn from developments in the US.”

Sonia Patel, Chief Information Officer, NHSX, said: “The DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme has established itself as an important player in supporting the NHS and social care to make the most of the opportunities digital health offers. I look forward to seeing the next group of innovators bringing their solutions to London’s NHS.”

DigitalHealth.London’s Accelerator aims to speed up the adoption of technology in London’s NHS, relieving high pressure on services and empowering patients to manage their health. for every £1 spent on the programme through the AHSNs, £12.70 is saved for the NHS*. It works with around 20 high potential SMEs over a 12-month period, giving bespoke support and advice, a programme of expert-led workshops and events, and brokering meaningful connections between innovators and NHS organisations with specific challenges. The companies successful in getting onto the Accelerator programme have been chosen through a rigorous and highly competitive selection process, involving expert NHS and industry panel assessments, interviews, and due diligence checks.

This year the companies on the programme will benefit from international partnerships with two US Accelerators, Cedars-Sinai and Mass Challenge**. The two partnerships will provide opportunities for the companies to network with global peers, showcase their products/services to key international stakeholders and gain the tools to navigate a new global market.

The SMEs selected for the 2022 DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme are:

  • Babble – Babblevoice is a purpose built and award-winning telephony system designed to support primary care practice patients and staff.
  • Cibiltech – developing digital solutions in predictive medicine for transplantation to improve patient quality of life and care management.
  • Convenet – a simple B2B SaaS integration engine connecting to all 7000 GP practices & NHS Spine.
  • Dem Dx – a CE-certified AI clinical reasoning platform supporting frontline healthcare professionals to diagnose, order investigations and make care recommendations at the first point of contact, before the patient sees a doctor.
  • EIDO – delivering patient-centred and content-led digital solutions to support joint decision making.
  • Fika – Fika Mental Fitness is the formal staff training platform proven to prevent the decline of mental health through proactive skills development.
  • Healthtech 1 – automating away admin tasks in the NHS so staff can focus on patient care.
  • Islacare – Isla is building a clinical platform which aims to revolutionise the way conditions are monitored and treated in order to make health services globally scalable.
  • Jiva.Ai – a low code/no code AI platform focusing on multimodality and explainability, that allows users to create, test and deploy AI models all within the framework.
  • Limbic – Limbic Access is an AI therapy assistant to support NHS patients and clinicians throughout treatment – from referral to discharge.
  • Little Journey – a digital eSupport platform designed to remotely prepare and psychologically support children and families before, during and after healthcare interactions.
  • Mahana Therapeutics – a leading developer of effective prescription digital therapeutics that are designed to empower patients with chronic conditions to live fuller lives.
  • Panakeia Techologies – offering AI solutions for faster cancer diagnosis by eliminating the need for multiple lab-based tests.
  • Pungo, trading as Joy – providing dynamic, cutting-edge social prescribing software to the UK care system to address social determinants of health and help people live longer, better lives.
  • Sapien Health – a Digital Clinic for Surgery, helping people prepare their mind and body for surgery through sustainable lifestyle changes.
  • SiSU Health Group – offering an accessible machine-measured health check and digital health platform to help people live a healthier life.
  • Soar Beyond – The SMART workforce platform helps health and social care to manage and accelerate safe workforce capability development and impact to meet individual, organisational and system needs.
  • Tefogo – Creators of Compassly, an app that makes clinical competency assessments brilliantly simple and easily transferable – saving time for staff and helping keep patients safe.
  • Troglo, trading as LVNDR Health – a digital platform that improves sexual wellbeing for LGBTQ+ individuals and modernises sexual healthcare for clinics.
  • Ufonia – creators of Dora, an automated clinical assistant that increases clinical capacity by telephoning patients to have routine medical conversations.
  • WYSA – Using ethical AI to make mental health support more accessible.

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*DigitalHealth.London Accelerator Interim Evaluation report available to download here:

** Cedars-Sinai partnership announcement: Mass Challenge partnership announcement: