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NHS problem

Mental health decline in the NHS workforce is causing critical risks in staff performance, absence and retention. Workforce shortages are already having a direct impact on patient care and staff experience. Mental health has overtaken back injuries as the principal cause of sickness absence, costing the NHS £371.2 million annually. Staff have formal training to avoid back problems but until now, there is no formal training to prevent mental health decline.

The solution

Fika Mental Fitness is a pioneering staff skills development platform proven to prevent the decline of mental health. It provides NHS organisations with a unique approach to prevention instead of cure for workforce issues related to mental health decline. Proprietary Mental Fitness diagnostics and data science technology drive short personalised CPD training courses scaled through mobile technology that support team performance and personal development goals – with implementation technology reaching 80% population targets.


Prevention is better and cheaper than cure. Fika platform returns millions to NHS trusts by reducing mental health days off, staff attrition. Fika Mental Fitness has been proven in Randomised Control Trials to prevent the decline of mental health and increase individual performance. The Fika platform has repeatedly proven its evidence base across hundreds of businesses in the UK – increasing the skills of stress management, focus, confidence and motivation for employees in less than six weeks.