Tefogo (Compassly)

Check out this poster case study with additional information about what Compassly achieved during their time on the Accelerator programme.

NHS problem

Healthcare professionals having the right clinical competencies is vital for the safe and effective care of patients. But this is complicated; there are thousands of specialised competencies and endless combinations for different roles. Assessing these on paper is inefficient and keeping track is impossible, with tens of millions of data points for just one hospital. While competencies can fundamentally be the same, assessment is re-invented at each hospital, usually requiring staff to re-prove skills. This is a challenge that impacts most healthcare professionals but in particular nurses, midwives and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) – around a million people across the UK.

The solution

Compassly is an app that makes assessing clinical competencies simple and efficient – vital for ensuring high quality care and experience for patients. It supports healthcare workers in their professional development, helping them prove skills throughout their careers and it gives hospitals assurance and vital insights into the clinical skill mix of their workforce. Competencies are digitally signed and portable, meaning the healthcare professionals can take their records with them and not have to re-prove skills again. Competencies can be shared between Trusts, Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) or the whole of healthcare, helping reduce re-work and share best practice.


Compassly could save the NHS thousands of hours in repeated competency assessments and eliminating this wasted time is even more important, as it takes the time of both the person being assessed and the person assessing. The impact on patients should be equally important, but measuring this is far harder. As Compassly grows, it has the potential to improve the professional development of hundreds of thousands of NHS healthcare professionals.