Healthtech 1

Check out this poster case study with additional information about what Healthtech-1 achieved during their time on the Accelerator programme.

NHS problem

We’ve all seen in the papers how supply shortages are causing havoc across the country. For every doctor in the UK there’s 2.5 admin staff who are burning out with back-breaking to-do lists.

Their to-do list are littered with error prone manual admin tasks that often involve typing patient submitted data into ancient clinical systems. It’s no wonder staff retention is major a challenge. Take patient registrations for example, in 2022, 60% of GP practices still use paper to collect patient data, and 100% of GP practices still manually type the data received into the clinical system. This inefficiency, costs patients £4 million per month in lost productivity, GP practices 6,000 days per month of admin time, and the NHS £11 million/month in list inflation.

The solution

Healthtech 1 automates away back-office admin tasks, giving staff back time to focus on patient care. They are starting by automating the nation’s 190,000 monthly patient registrations using intelligent automation. Their mission is to give GP admin staff one less task. Their solution is proven to reduce costs, errors and processing times whilst boosting patient satisfaction, health equity and personalised patient care.


  • End-to-end automation of patient registrations (including medical forms, immunisation history and catchment area checks)
  • Approximately 15 minutes of staff time saved per patient registration
  • Patient wait time until registration reduced from 72 hours to same day
  • 40% reduction in cost per patient registration
  • 100% of patients granted equal access to care (currently approximately 19% of vulnerable patients are refused registration due to lack of ID / paperwork)
  • Patients rated the ht1 registration experience 4.7/5