Mahana Therapeutics

Check out this poster case study with additional information about what Mahana achieved during their time on the Accelerator programme.

NHS problem

There are an estimated 10 million people in the UK living with IBS and the cost to the NHS is at least £200 million a year. Gastroenterologists report that up to half of their referrals involve IBS and millions are spent on unnecessary procedures and medication in IBS which is often not effective. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is the most rigorously tested psychotherapy for IBS with over 30 randomised controlled trials demonstrating effectiveness. Unfortunately there are not enough IBS trained Psychologists to treat the millions who would benefit – a new solution is needed to make CBT accessible.

The solution

Mahana Therapeutics is a leading developer of effective prescription digital therapeutics that are designed to empower patients with chronic conditions to live fuller lives. The Company’s first product, Mahana IBS, has a proud London Heritage, following a concept originally developed by Kings College London and validated in the world’s largest clinical trial of its kind. In 2019, Mahana IBS was recommended by NICE for evaluation in practice. Mahana is the world’s first digital CBT for IBS to receive FDA and CE clearance and now offers a new treatment option for millions of adults living with IBS.


Providing CBT via Mahana’s clinically validated App allows millions of patients immediate, cost effective treatment for their symptoms. Mahana IBS delivers digital CBT targeted specifically for IBS, providing a transformative solution to free up NHS resources, deliver savings and improve outcomes aligned with NHS policy. Mahana IBS now provides the answer to:

  • Improve access to CBT for IBS: Enable all patients to receive immediate treatment at home without the need to meet with psychotherapists. In line with NHS policy of improved access to psychological therapy
  • Reduce burden on NHS resources and treatment cost: GPs, Gastroenterology clinics and IAPT centres have more time to invest in the wider patient base.  Treatment costs will be reduced as a result of reduced need for invasive or pharmacological interventions in IBS
  • Improve adoption of CBT for IBS and improve health outcomes: Mahana IBS has been clinically proven to deliver lasting improvements in symptom management in two out of three people who take the programme and has been validated against in-person delivered therapy. Many patients currently suffering from IBS do not seek help or engage with a CBT therapist due to logistic, social or attitudinal barriers. Mahana IBS offers the NHS an opportunity to reach and treat those with a personalised program that is discreet and convenient to those who may find it hard to access care in person. In addition, Mahana IBS provides an opportunity to assess earlier intervention with CBT in IBS to understand any positive impacts on care pathways and health outcomes.