Top achievements from Accelerator cohort six

The DigitalHealth.London Accelerator is a highly competitive 12-month programme for top digital health companies with products or services with high potential to meet NHS and social care challenges. To mark the end of the sixth cohort of the Accelerator programme, we recently held our annual showcase event, which recognised and celebrated the successes and key milestones achieved by all 21 companies throughout their time on the programme.

Below is a selection of some incredible statistics from the Accelerator companies, and a link to a poster case study with additional information about what they’ve achieved over the last year.

Babblevoice: A 50% reduction in did-not-attends (DNAs)

Cibiltech: 80% strong long-term kidney allograft survival prediction capacity with a concordance statistic

Compassly: 5000 oncology nurses will have access to the UK Oncology Nursing Society SACT passport on Compassly

Convenet: £15k saving per customer for NHS Digital

DemDx: 13% saving of senior clinician time

EIDO Healthcare: 25-41% average reduction in consent-related litigation costs at hospitals using EIDO

Fika: 79% of team leaders saw improved psychological safety in their teams after 4 weeks of using Fika

Healthtech-1: ~72 hours to ~14 hours reduction in wait time for patients

Isla: 6-monthly treatment cycle reduced to 2-3 weeks in one Trust 94% versus 78% sensitivity at identifying prostate cancer lesions vs a human radiologist

Joy: 20-30% decrease in GP surgery attendance

Limbic: 30% increase in referrals to Surrey and Borders Partnership Trust

Little Journey: 42% reduction in on-the-day cancellations

LVNDR: >84% of LVNDR community members requesting access to LGBTQ+ clinical care

Mahana: 63% reported a clinically meaningful improvement of severity of their IBS

Panakeia: 5 minutes to provide biomarker diagnosis, compared to the standard of 3-15 days.

SiSU Health: 680,000 health checks completed in the UK

Soar Beyond: 20 healthcare organisations selected to use SMART for free in 2023 through a nationally commissioned programme by AHSN Network and AAC

Surgery Hero: 2-day average reduction in Length of Stay

Ufonia: 11% of patients removed from NHS Trust waitlists

WYSA: First AI mental health RCT in the NHS

The DigitalHealth.London Accelerator is a collaborative programme funded by two of London’s Academic Health Science Networks – UCL Partners, and the Health Innovation Network, as well as MedCity, CW+ and receives match funding from the European Regional Development Fund.