Sharon Wright

Sharon Wright


About Sharon Wright

Sharon has been the Head of Service Management within the South London & Maudsley NHS Trust for the last 3 years, developing and leading a program for Trust Wide Digital Transformation. Improving the customer experience, through the use of technology, across the Trust from the private sector into the NHS. Sharon has come from a background of technical development, support, testing, implementation and Service Delivery before taking the path into Service Management and transformation of the workforce.

Sharon’s experience using technology and working with end users has allowed her to see better ways of working to benefit the service users and the Trust.




Problem: Sharon is solving initially the use of end-of-life equipment throughout the trust and ensuring we are giving the end-users the correct equipment they need to be able to fulfil their day-to-day jobs and collaborate effectively within their teams and across the trust and beyond.

Solution: To achieve the problem Sharon has put in place different streams within the programme.

  • Replacement – which is the removal of all end-of-life devices and thin clients across the estate.
  • Personas – we are working with the business to understand their day-to-day working patterns to be able to come up with personable identifiers. These identifiers allow end-users to understand the best equipment for their role, the types of work spaces that are available for their use within their role, department and Trust. Advise on the best coaching available to them in the use of equipment, applications and the cloud-based collaboration tools.
  • Coaching – dedicated resource for a Digital Coach which includes classroom sessions, onsite ‘Pop-Up’ Digital Services, Coaching Materials (videos, literature and communications) and one-on-one sessions with staff.
  • Digitisation of the workforce – a culmination of persona’s, equipment, coaching and influencing Estates & Facilities on how the trust will evolve moving forward for space utilisation. Which will lead the Digital Me programme to allocate equipment via personas to Digitise and Transform the working ways at SLaM.

Scale: The programme is 1270 devices for the replacement stream. Approximately 4,500 permanent members of staff to be digitised, across 60 locations.

Desired impact: Aim to have a fully Digitised workforce by April 2020.

Progress to date: Replacement stream is 68% completed. The Personas stream has been signed off and approved by the business and Digitisation has commenced based on priority from the business.