Priya Patel

Priya Patel

About Priya Patel

Priya is a pharmacist with a broad range of clinical experience across a variety of hospitals in Oxford and London.

Priya has completed an NIHR funded Masters in Clinical Research based at St Thomas’ Hospital Division of Imaging Sciences. As a former Darzi Fellow Priya is passionate about service improvement and developing herself as a “change leader” especially when it comes to more innovative methods of working and using digital platforms to support and empower patients and staff across the healthcare system. Priya’s current role is as Clinical Implementation Lead for an electronic content management system.

Priya’s current role is as Clinical Implementation Lead for an electronic content management system.


Problem: Although RMH has made progress towards a paperless system, there are still significant areas where paper remains the predominant clinical record. This poses a number of issues and potential clinical risk.

Solution: Implementation of an electronic content management system in the Trust is a key enabler towards ‘paper-light’ working alongside making processes more efficient and reducing clinical risk.

Scale of the project: Where viable, physical forms will be replaced with electronic form analogues and where this is not an option print-on-demand forms will be rolled out into which key metadata can be embedded (patient demographics and form-type). The system forms a critical component of the proposed RMH IT Strategy for 2015 – 2020 and is forecasted to be used throughout most of the organisation and across the 2 major hospital sites. Responding to the needs of the front line staff has also been a focus and through this we are looking at the development and deployment of a mobile solution to allow clinicians to access the patient record on tablet or mobile devices whilst also enabling them to complete an e-form.

Desired impact: The desired impact of the project is wide reaching in not only addressing the mandate to be paperless by 2020, but also in reducing variation in working practices across the Trust where it is unwarranted. This will all allow for a more seamless implementation of the future EPR which is currently being procured, and ensure efficiencies are realised across the organisation.

Progress to date: To date, the EDM system has gone live throughout the Trust with the Rapid Diagnostic Assessment Centres being the forerunners in adoption.