14 DigitalHealth.London Alumni Companies Listed in BusinessCloud’s HealthTech 50 2024

BusinessCloud’s HealthTech 50 is an annual ranking that honours the UK’s most innovative startups, scaleups, and established companies in the health technology sector. The list highlights those at the forefront of developing personal and preventative healthcare solutions, as well as GP practice management and messaging platforms. This year, 14 DigitalHealth.London alumni companies have secured spots in the top 50 ranking.

Chosen from a shortlist of 112 companies, the final ranking was determined through evaluations by an expert judging panel and a public vote among BusinessCloud readers.

Ranked 4th: Lifelight

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator Cohort Four

Lifelight is a contactless technology that enables a mobile device to estimate blood pressure and pulse simply by using its built-in camera for 40 seconds. This innovation facilitates remote patient monitoring, promoting scalability, efficiency gains, and better health outcomes. Lifelight currently aids the early detection of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) among patients through self-service kiosks in Health Hubs. It also allows individuals to monitor their blood pressure and, if needed, receive appropriate care promptly.

Ranked 8th: Cera Care

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator Cohort One

Cera is Europe’s largest provider of digital-first home healthcare, delivering care, nursing, telehealth and repeat prescriptions. Their mission is to empower people to live longer, healthier lives in the comfort of their own homes, saving the need to go to the hospital. Cera’s team of carers and nurses now deliver 50,000+ care visits a day on behalf of over 300 NHS and Local Governments – equivalent in capacity to 50 NHS hospitals.

Ranked 9th: ImproveWell

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator Cohort One

ImproveWell is an award-winning real-time frontline feedback platform for improvement in health and care. ImproveWell makes it simple for organisations to capture continuous, real-time and actionable insight from the frontline to improve staff experience and the quality of patient care.

Ranked 10th: Dr Julian

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator Cohort One

Dr Julian is an innovative mental healthcare platform web and mobile app that increases the accessibility of mental healthcare and includes multi-language features. They connect patients almost immediately to mental healthcare therapists by secure video/audio/text appointments using a calendar appointment booking system. Patients get a choice of when they want their appointment to operate seven days a week, 365 days a year, and all hours of the day.

Ranked 12th: Accurx

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator Cohort Three

AccuRx provides a communications solution for primary care, allowing practices to communicate with their patients, collaborate as a team, and coordinate care with other organisations. Chain SMS is used by over 900 practices across England to communicate with their patients, saving time and money. Chain reception supports receptionists to signpost patients effectively.

Ranked 14th: Limbic

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator Cohort Six

Limbic has developed a web-based AI chatbot (Limbic Access) specifically for NHS primary specialist care for mental illness – the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) services. The software integrates with service websites by pasting in just two lines of code and is capable of screening referrals, collecting patient information, and improving accessibility to mental health support.

Ranked 15th: Thymia

DigitalHealth.London Evidence Generator Bootcamp Cohort Two

Thymia apollo offers an AI solution for screening for depression symptoms to diagnose or monitor patients (also remotely). Patients can be assessed objectively and reliably using gamified activities on their smartphones. With consent, the AI analyses various characteristics of their voice, facial expressions and game behaviour. The solution also supports clinicians by working alongside them as a decision-support tool, offering objective and reliable insights into depression symptoms.

Ranked 16th: DrDoctor

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator Cohort One

DrDoctor is a platform created to improve communication between the NHS and patients. It does this through products including a patient platform, video consultation capabilities, appointment management, patient-led booking, digital letters, pre-clinic assessments and follow-up management.

Ranked 25th: TellMi

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator Cohort Three

TellMi is a multi-award-winning app that makes it easier for anxious young people to talk about difficult things. Informed by psychological research, Tellmi is a fully moderated intervention, which harnesses the power of peer support to incentivise altruism as a scalable solution to declining youth mental health.

Ranked 33rd: MyMynd

DigitalHealth.London Evidence Generator Bootcamp Cohort One
Founder is currently on the DigitalHealth.London Leap programme

MyMynd is a personal well-being digital platform, based around a confidential, online behavioural health assessment. MyMynd’s clinically validated assessment provides a regular, detailed snapshot of users’ mental health (risks) and protective factors (resilience), including a curated range of resources, tools and 1:1 human support.

Ranked 40th: Surgery Hero

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator Cohort Six

Surgery Hero’s perioperative programme supports patients from the decision to operate, all the way through to recovery. The service combines expert human care, individually tailored content and cutting-edge tech to empower people to take control of their health and conquer their surgery.

Ranked 41st: Medshr

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator Cohort One

MedShr is a private, professional app and network for medical professionals to connect and learn through case discussion. Over 1.5 million members now use MedShr to discover, discuss and share clinical cases and medical images. MedShr works in partnership with HEE, societies and NHS groups across the UK.

Ranked 45th: Sweatcoin

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator Cohort Four

Sweatcoin incentivises physical activity behaviour change through a mobile app. The app tracks the number of steps walked and converts them into a reward point – the points can be redeemed for products, goods and services. Users are incentivised to walk more, resulting in long-term, sustained behaviour change.

Ranked 46th: Second Nature

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator Cohort One

Second Nature is an online weight-loss and behavioural-change programme that helps users make long-term healthy lifestyle changes. Second Nature is actively commissioned by the NHS for multiple local type 2 diabetes contracts, the NHS National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP), and the National Weight Management Service (WMS).

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