LifeBox Health

NHS problem

All surgical patients must undergo a pre-assessment to ensure suitability for the procedure and inform them of the benefits and risks of undergoing it. It is a labour and paper intensive process, which is inefficient. Twelve million people undergo procedures each year with an estimated cost of between £54 -£74 per assessment.

The solution

Founded by hospital doctors, software engineers and business managers, LifeBox digitises patient assessment for surgery. It drives clinical excellence into pre-assessment, increasing hospital efficiencies and clinical outcomes and reducing costs.


LifeBox has the capacity to save the NHS over £500m if cost savings are repeated.

  • In LifeBox’s first hospital contract, which lasted three years, it made cost savings of over £56,000 per 5000 patients and delivered a return on investment in just six months
  • In its second contract, after one month, the staff time taken in pre-assessment was cut by one third, releasing time and increasing capacity

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