Resony Health

NHS Problem

In the UK, Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD)  affects 1 in 8 people seeking help from their General Practitioner (GP); where treatment options may either be unacceptable to patients (e.g. medication) or may be considerably delayed (e.g. psychotherapy delivered through NHS Talking Therapies). The barriers to treatment are even higher for under-served groups, specifically people with physical disabilities, older adults and ethnic minorities. Data from NHS Digital shows that these groups are underrepresented in NHS Mental Health services and less likely to receive treatment than the majority population. As people wait, their condition deteriorates leading to higher costs for the NHS. 

The Solution

Resony Anxiety is a UKCA-marked smartphone app which delivers a 6 week digital psychological therapy programme for adults with GAD. In addition to self-directed CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), it incorporates physiological feedback and therapeutic techniques such as progressive muscular relaxation and resonance breathing. The product is built using a ISO 13485 QMS and compliant with NHS Assessment Standards such as DCB0129, NHS Data Security and Privacy Toolkit. Resony is ORCHA-approved and is included in the published NICE assessment of Digital therapies (HTE9) with a research recommendation. 


A study testing the efficacy of Resony involving 86 participants showed medium effect size improvements on GAD-7 scale at 6 weeks and large effects at 12 weeks. 87.5% reported it helped their anxiety & 77% would recommend it to a family member. Resony can be used in Primary care & Talking Therapies. In Primary Care, GPs can recommend Resony to people with anxiety potentially reducing repeat appointments. In Talking Therapies, Resony is delivered by Psychological Wellbeing Professionals at Step 2 resulting in a projected 68% cost savings/patient and reducing the cost of GAD treatment from £493 to £155 for NHS.