NHS Problem

StoriBoard tackles the escalating mental health crisis, marked by a 20% surge in emergencies and a 44% spike in referrals (NHS, 2022). One in six individuals weekly face mental health challenges (Mental Health Foundation, 2023). Loneliness, reported by nearly half UK adults, hikes early death risk by 26% (ONS, 2022; Holt-Lunstad, 2015). StoriBoard’s peer support leverages lived experience to alleviate the strain on NHS services, enhancing care efficiency for over 15 million people with long-term conditions. This approach promises to optimise clinical resources, addressing a critical NHS pain point.

The Solution

StoriBoard is an innovative app connecting individuals to a compassionate network of certified Experts by Experience for personal support in physical and mental health. This digital ecosystem, accessible on major app stores, empowers users to share their journey and gain insights through forums and structured live group meetings, fostering a supportive community for healing and growth. With the StoriBoard Academy, users can become accredited experts by experience, enabling them to offer professional 1:1 guidance in our unique marketplace, enhancing the accessibility and affordability of personalised health support.


StoriBoard is poised to make a significant impact on the NHS by addressing critical areas of concern:

  1. Mental Health Early Intervention: With 1 in 6 individuals in England facing mental health issues weekly, StoriBoard’s peer support acts as an early intervention to prevent escalation to high-risk categories, thus reducing the demand for clinical care.
  2. Management of Long-term Conditions: As 22% of the UK population contends with long-term health issues, StoriBoard’s platform can alleviate the NHS’s burden by reducing the approximate 50% of GP appointments and 70% of hospital days currently dedicated to these conditions.
  3. Non-Clinical Appointment Reduction: With GPs spending an estimated 20% of their time on non-medical issues, peer support through StoriBoard offers a relief channel, potentially mirroring Pierce County Washington’s success where peer specialist programs led to a 32% reduction in involuntary hospitalisations and saved $1.99 million annually.
  4. Enhanced Social Care: By providing support to carers, StoriBoard is likely to lower hospital admissions and expedite discharges, tackling a crucial stress point within the NHS framework.

StoriBoard’s implementation could mark a transformative step towards a more sustainable and efficient NHS, driving down costs, and improving patient outcomes through its innovative approach to peer support.