NHS Problem

Today, care delivery is broken. Demand continues to rise, while costs spiral and outcomes deteriorate. There is an urgent need to shift focus from reactive to proactive health action, however existing solutions are narrowly focused, struggle to engage patients and are not set up to forge lasting engagement or establish sustained behaviour change. In contrast, Avid delivers impactful, comprehensive care solutions, that delight and engage patients, to drive significant outcome improvements at scale. We are focusing on an initial set of programmes to demonstrate impact and prove our approach, with proven programmes in weight management and long Covid rehabilitation.  

The Solution

Avid is a digital-first, human-led healthcare company building a pipeline of value-based care programmes to drive behaviour change and proactive health action. We are excited to be leveraging the best of technology combined with scalable human expertise, to reimagine how healthcare is accessed and transform outcomes, experiences and costs. We are a fully registered healthcare provider and have already successfully launched and clinically validated several programmes across risk reduction and chronic disease management. This includes our weight loss program able to drive 5-10% body weight loss in 12 weeks, with NPS 80, and retention of 87%.  


Avid is focusing on an initial set of health challenges to demonstrate early impact and illustrate how our approach can improve outcomes, care experiences and affordability. We have evidenced this through a series of scaled evaluations.   

After completing Avid’s 6 week Long Covid programme, users report a statistically significant 25% improvement in quality of life (EQ5D-5L index score) and a 41% improvement in validated symptom scores (C19YRSm) with 91% retention and a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 81. All outcomes were sustained at a four-month follow-up.  

Avid’s Weight Loss Programme drives a 5%-10% body weight loss in 12 weeks through behaviour change alone, with improvements in other body composition and wellbeing scores (EQ5D-5L, SF36), with NPS 92 and retention of 87%.  

For both programmes, we also captured excellent engagement metrics with consistent patient interaction in progress tracking, attendance at coaching sessions, reading content and use of digital resources.  

Our modular framework underlies all our programmes, allowing us to continue to develop our comprehensive pipeline of further care programs across risk reduction and chronic disease management. In addition to demonstrating a statistically significant impact on clinical outcomes, we are also building our evidence base for the associated cost savings that follow.