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NHS problem

The NHS needs to make better use of its existing resources. There are growing waiting lists for elective care across the NHS. Even when patients are booked in for surgery, they often get cancelled on the day due to equipment or bed shortages. To make up for this, staff may have to negotiate for beds to be made available, or pieces of equipment to be delivered. 

It is not uncommon to see operating theatres empty during core hours, nor is it uncommon to find empty beds on one ward, while another is over capacity; or business cases being developed for new MRI scanners when existing scanners are not fully utilised.

The solution

Edge Health helps NHS organisations use their data more effectively. Its data scientists and economists work with front-line staff to understand challenges, provide advice, and develop bespoke software. Its key product, SpaceFinder, helps hospitals to schedule more efficient operating lists using AI and analytics.


Edge Health allows NHS organisations to “do more with less”.  It helps reduce surgery waiting times and improve patient and staff experience by avoiding cancellations.

At South Tees Hospital, its SpaceFinder product has increased theatre core hour utilisation and activity by 50 cases per week, saving £3M by reducing the need for planned surgery at weekends.

SpaceFinder has also been assessed by the KSS AHSN, which identified the following benefits:

  • 3% increase in volume of surgical procedures per list
  • 1% reduction in theatre use outside of core hours
  • 7% additional operating theatre time utilised
  • £330,000 value of extra surgery in first year

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