DigitalHealth.London launches new Evidence Generation Bootcamp for digital health companies

** DEADLINE EXTENDED ** You can still apply for DigitalHealth.London’s Evidence Generation Bootcamp until Midnight Wednesday 28 September. Apply here.

Quality evidence is vital for digital health companies to succeed but it is challenging to know how to generate effective, relevant evidence. To successfully launch a digital health product to the NHS, companies should have evidence to demonstrate their product is suited to the needs of patients or the UK health system.

Applications are now open for the new DigitalHealth.London Evidence Generation Bootcamp. The 8-week programme, provides a unique opportunity for digital health companies to pinpoint their evidence needs and navigate the complexities of evidence generation through expert support.

Paul Wallace, Academic Lead, DigitalHealth.London Evidence Generation Bootcamp; Clinical Director Digital, Health Innovation Network; Professor Emeritus Primary Care, University College London, said: “I am delighted to announce the opening of applications to be part of the DigitalHealth.London Evidence Generation Bootcamp. DigitalHealth.London is at the forefront of evidence generation with more than five years of experience, key expertise and extensive networks. Evidence generation continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing digital health companies and we are therefore running this new, stand-alone Evidence Generation Bootcamp to reduce the barriers for companies to generate effective evidence.”

Ruth Bradbury, Interim Head of DigitalHealth.London, said: “Our Driving Digital report published last year highlighted the importance of determining how and what to evaluate in digital health to enable further adoption. We also know through supporting companies on our Accelerator and Launchpad programmes on their evidence generation journey that it can be hard for them to know when to start. At DigitalHealth.London, we believe it is important for us to pivot in the same, agile way as the companies we support, which is why we are launching the new Evidence Generation Bootcamp programme, to offer our expert experience in evidence generation to even more digital health companies working at the forefront of healthcare innovation.”

Trish Greenhalgh, Professor of Primary Care Health Sciences, Nuffield Department of Primary Care, University of Oxford, said: “Evidence generation for digital health is a very complex area and it is the hyper complexity of healthcare systems which can make it difficult to measure impact. DigitalHealth.London is already leading the conversation on digital health evaluation and I am so pleased that the new Evidence Generation Bootcamp programme will be bringing their expert guidance to more digital health companies that need it.”

Dr Dafydd Loughran, CEO of Concentric Health: “The support provided by DigitalHealth.London around evidence generation has been a key factor in our scale-up. Bringing together the different elements of clinical effectiveness, and giving that a structure that can be publicly available and is easy to communicate to different stakeholders has accelerated conversations. In many cases it has changed the conversation focus from “what is digital consent and why do I need it?” to “I understand why this is important, how do we make it work best locally?”

DigitalHealth.London has facilitated 43 new research collaborations between digital health companies and researchers including University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, King’s College London (KCL), University College London (UCL), Queen Mary university of London and many more. The #EvaluateDigiHealth webinars run by DigitalHealth.London in partnership with UCL, KCL, MedCity, the Health Innovation Network and others, have delivered three series. The three series combined attracted over 1700 registrations and in total, all 13 webinar recordings have received over 1600 views on YouTube.

The DigitalHealth.London Evidence Generation Bootcamp is for digital health companies that plan to launch or already have a product in the UK market and are committed to driving their evidence generation forward. Places will be offered to enterprises that have products or services with high potential to meet NHS and social care challenges. The programme is open to both UK and international companies and will be run virtually. A place on the programme will cost £7,500 (plus VAT if applicable). London-based small and medium sized companies may be eligible to apply for a fully-funded place. These places will be part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, through the Greater London Authority, along with DigitalHealth.London’s partners. Applicant companies will be assessed based on their commitment to the programme, potential to benefit from the programme and their potential to help provide appropriate solutions to key NHS problems. Companies applying for a funded place will need to meet additional criteria*.

Companies on the programme will attend a series of virtual events over the eight weeks including educational workshops, webinars and pitching sessions. The remotely delivered programme will provide peer support opportunities, access to expert advice, practical exercises and brokering of collaborative relationships. It will address the fundamental issues of why evidence generation needs to be core to the companies’ business plans, help them decide their evidence generation priorities and plan their evidence generation journey. Companies will also have the chance to engage with a richly curated repository of multimedia resources on evidence generation.

For more information about the Evidence Generation Bootcamp, visit:

You can watch our recorded webinar with Professor Paul Wallace and some of the SMEs that DigitalHealth.London has supported with their evidence generation here.