The UK Israel Dangoor Health Initiative

In 2018 the UK Israel Tech Hub, based at the British Embassy in Israel, launched a new health accelerator programme – the UK Israel Dangoor Health Initiative – aimed at connecting Israeli startups in the digital health field with the UK NHS.

The three companies selected to join the IBM Alpha Zone Programme for 2018/19 were:

  • Neurotech Solutions: Neurotech solutions have created MOXO, an online tool designed for diagnosis of ADHD. MOXO takes an innovative distractor approach to get accurate and substantial results. The tool scores four attentiveness categories – attentiveness, timeliness, impulsiveness and hyper-reactivity.
  • Day Two: Day Two analyses the gut microbiome to predict blood sugar responses to thousands of different foods and provide personalised nutrition guidance, diagnostic, and therapeutic solutions using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The product has already been used to help people with Type 2 Diabetes control their condition and is being trialled for use in gestational diabetes and pre-diabetes.
  • Orpheus: Orpheus Medical is a technology platform that enables hospitals and health systems to effectively manage their clinical videos organisation-wide and integrate the content in to their existing IT systems. This technology has the potential improve clinicians’ interactions with patients and collaboration amongst healthcare professionals.

DigitalHealth.London, which specialises in matching innovators with NHS need and supporting them to navigate the UK health environment, played a key role in delivering the UK Israel Dangoor Health Initiative.

What is DigitalHealth.London?

DigitalHealth.London is a collaborative programme delivered by MedCity, and London’s three Academic Health Science Networks – UCLPartnersImperial College Health Partners, and the Health Innovation Network.

We are at the centre of the global revolution in digital health and have created a “digital health hub” which supports SMEs and start-ups to navigate the UK health environment through the following programmes:

  • The DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme supports 20-30 high potential digital health starts-ups and SMEs annually to navigate the complex NHS system and increase spread and adoptions of their innovations.
  • The NHS Digital Pioneer Fellowship Programme helps to create leaders working in the NHS to deliver impact through digital transformation.  The Fellowship supports 20-25 ‘transformers’ annually

DigitalHealth.London is strategically well networked with key policy makers and payors across the health care system, directly and through our founding partners.  We also work very closely with NHS England to speed up the adoption and commission of digital innovation solutions and the Office for Life SciencesDepartment for International Trade and London and Partners, who are supporting the Mayor of London’s health priorities in London.

We have a track record of providing screening and evaluation of promising early stage digital health businesses that have the potential to address health and care needs across the NHS. Using our extensive networks and market insight of the needs of our health care organisations, DigitalHealth.London has assisted companies in gaining access to venture funding with our partners such as RYSE Asset Management.

IBM Alpha Zone Accelerator Programme

The IBM Alpha Zone programme was set up to help Israeli based startups to reach new markets and grow their business based on IBM technologies.  It was hosted in Israel.

Each semester which lasts about 20 weeks, 2-3 digital health companies were chosen together by IBM and DigitalHealth.London to participate in the IBM Alpha Zone programme. This means that in addition to receiving the usual technical and business development support from IBM, they also received mentorship and guidance on the NHS, its operations and market penetration.

Participation also included a business trip to the UK where the companies were hosted by UCLPartners and given more in-depth information and introductions. The programme will ran for four semesters over two years.

The programme was backed by British-Jewish philanthropist David Dangoor, son of Sir Naim Dangoor, and is named after the family.

David Dangoor, the sponsor of the initiative, said at the time: “We are in the midst of a bio-health revolution, and Israel is in a supreme position to take advantage and carve a lead in this. So, it is vital that we pool the best minds and energies for the benefit of patients.”

“With all this new computer power and greater understanding and the breakthrough in genetics, we are absolutely at the threshold of a healthcare revolution and I’m hoping that Israel and the UK will be at the forefront of that, hand in-hand.”

“The UK and Israel both share a dynamic history of blue sky thinking as evidenced by the number of Nobel Prize winners both countries have. Both are very inventive countries with exceptional pools of talent. Hand in hand they could make a powerful combination.”

Dr Charlie Davie, UCLPartners Managing Director, who spoke at the launch said: “It’s great to be involved in this exciting new programme that will equip Israeli innovators with the tools they need to navigate the NHS. Ultimately this initiative is about saving lives and using innovation to adopt, adjust and streamline healthcare.”