SME of the Week: Xim Limited, creators of Lifelight

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator’s SME of the Week is Xim Limited, creators of Lifelight, a game changing technology that allows any smartphone or tablet device to measure blood pressure, pulse and breathing rate simply by a patient looking into the device’s built-in camera for 40 seconds. The Xim team have given us the latest update on how Lifelight is supporting a GP surgery for COVID-19 contactless observations: 

Lifelight is currently being trialled at St Clements Practice, Winchester to support assessment of patients with suspected COVID-19. 

Lifelight measures blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate aiding the assessment of these potentially unwell patients while reducing the need for contact between healthcare professional and patient as well as cross-contamination of devices. In short, Lifelight provides healthcare professionals with a safer remote consult. 

By looking at an iPad set-up in St Clements isolation room, patient’s vital signs are taken contactlessly.  Contact is only made if a physical examination is deemed necessary.

Matt Hammerton, GP Registrar at Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said, “There is a clear need to protect both NHS staff and the public from spread of COVID-19. However, remote consultations, even via video, are currently limited by the inability to effectively assess the physical condition of the patient. As a CE marked medical device, Lifelight has the ability to provide clinicians with a quick, accurate measurement of vital signs, improving patient assessment while minimising patient contact.”

Currently Lifelight is rapidly moving to final development and testing of oxygen saturation (Sp02) functionality, for an accelerated roll-out and embedding in video consult software as well as API to EPR.

 To find out more, visit the Lifelight website.