SME of the Week: May Roundup

Every week, we put a spotlight on one of the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator or Launchpad companies. Here’s a roundup of this month’s featured SMEs:

ART Healthcare psHealth

About: psHEALTH is a company focused on developing technology that connects patients with the right care, the first time. Our referral automation platform empowers patients to manage their conditions through our telehealth service, Florence.

Recent success: We have introduced a self-referral platform that enables patients to refer directly without having to visit a GP.

We have enabled NHS care providers to reach patients during the pandemic by using our telehealth platform for COVID-related care including Oxi@Home.

Ask: Introductions to NHS commissioners that want to improve care through automation and use of digital tools.


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Peppy Health

About: Peppy is a digital healthcare benefit that connects users with real-life, experienced practitioners via a secure mobile app. They work with organisations – including businesses and private medical insurers – to give their people access to remote, specialist support during some of life’s big transitions. Peppy currently supports three areas of family and reproductive health: Menopause, Fertility and Baby.

Recent success: Following on from the success of a pilot study ran by the NHS in 2020, five trusts are funding their employee’s menopause support, by giving them access to Peppy (launching in May 2021). This will mean over 450 people will have access to Peppy menopause support through their employer: the NHS. More NHS trusts plan to launch Peppy within the next few months.

In 2 months, the following results were achieved from the study:
• 81% felt more committed to their employer: the NHS.
• 75% felt more confident talking to their line manager about menopause.
• 90% felt their symptoms became less troubling following their 1-to-1 consultation.
After the pilot study, one user said: “I am so grateful for this service … had I had access 12 months ago it would have probably resulted in me staying well and not having as much time off sick as a result last year. Thank you so much.”

Ask: Introductions to any NHS employers or decision-makers who would be interested in rolling out Peppy to support their people through any/all of these life stages: menopause, fertility, and pregnancy and early parenthood.


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About: The Feebris mobile-based software platform, powered by AI, helps users (clinical or non-clinical) to detect and triage deterioration. It enables proactive healthcare, where health assessments can be conducted in a community setting and communicated to other teams in the healthcare system. It is designed to act as an early warning system, shifting risk away from hospital facilities and making earlier interventions possible.

Recent success: Feebris recently published the first in a series of evidence-based case studies on Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) data quality focused on Respiratory Rate (RR) measurement. This study demonstrates Feebris’ AI-guided tools drive a significant increase in accuracy minimisation of bias.

Errors in RPM data can cost millions in operational waste and avoidable hospitalisation – this publication further evidences that AI support is critical for the accurate capture of vital signs in RPM.

Ask: Introductions to healthcare professionals looking to use AI-powered solutions to support more effective community health management.

Contact: (Dominique Airey is the Feebris SME lead), (Brett Hatfield is Feebris’ DigitalHealth.London navigator)

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The DigitalHealth.London Accelerator is a collaborative programme funded by London’s three Academic Health Science Networks – UCL Partners, Imperial College Health Partners, and the Health Innovation Network, MedCity, CW+ and receives match funding from the European Regional Development Fund.