SME of the Week: August Roundup

Every week, we put a spotlight on one of the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator or Launchpad companies. Here’s a roundup of this month’s featured SMEs:

Dem Dx

About: Dem Dx is a diagnostic-reasoning support tool, designed by specialists to help healthcare professionals get to a faster, more accurate diagnosis. Our mission is to empower healthcare professionals at the frontline to deliver improved healthcare, with the use of an intuitive clinical support platform.

Starting with a presenting complaint, add associated symptoms/signs and Dem Dx guides them to reach a set of potential diagnoses and next steps in the clinical journey as investigations and onward referrals.

Recent success: Dem Dx has been awarded funds from “GCRF demonstrate impact in developing countries” competition by Innovate Uk to stat an impactful partnership with the University of Rwanda. Sub-Saharan Africa holds one of the lowest concentrations of doctors worldwide, with less than 50% of the minimum recommended ophthalmologist to cater for the population and allied health professionals (AHP) increasingly taking on critical diagnostic triage roles. However, there are currently no products that train or support AHPs in triage.

The project will adapt our Ophthalmology Triage platform to train AHPs at both the Kenya Medical Training Council and the University of Rwanda to be more efficient and confident in triaging patients. This will accelerate the number of qualified AHPs and provide ongoing triage support in clinics, due to start in September 2020.

Dem Dx triage platform was developed and tested in partnership with Morfield’s Eye Hospital, and it has been used to triage patients in the Paediatric A&E.

Ask: Introductions to Eye Hospitals with a particular interest in upskilling healthcare professionals and improve the efficiency of A&Es.

Contact: – Dem Dx, Launchpad Lead

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RTW Plus

About: We provide innovative, bespoke, and cost-effective rehabilitation services to public and private sector. Our unique offering is a digital pain management solution – RESTORE.

Recent success: RTW Plus have developed a flexible, convenient, and cost-effective solution for patients experiencing chronic pain. RESTORE is an 8-week pain management programme combining; neuro-science education, 1:1 support from a certified RESTORE pain professional, behavioural change strategies, access to 24/7 health coaches and wearable devices synchronised to a digital health app. It’s a “Personal Pain Team in Your Pocket”.

To support the education around pain management, in June 2020, we organised the ‘International Chronic Pain Virtual Summit 2020’ delivered to over 5500 delegates with over 22 hours of research and industry talks from 28 thought leaders from across the world.

Ask: Introduction to commissioning officers and decision makers in primary and tertiary care influencing the pain treatment pathways.

Introduction to pain management consultants to review and feedback on RESTORE.


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BfB Labs

About: BfB Labs is a pioneering digital therapeutics company that is building future mental healthcare for children today, revolutionising the way they access and engage with effective therapeutic interventions.

Recent success: We have developed the first UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) approved mobile game that supports children facing difficulties with anxiety, which we are launching in August 2020.

Ask: Introductions to NHS clinicians and joint commissioners who have a focus on children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Contact: Manjul Rathee E:

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