One London local health and care record exemplar – creating the data sharing ecosystem

Jo Fulton, Programme Manager for Discovery East London & One London Programmes

On 23rd May, NHS England announced that three areas, covering 14 million people, were chosen to become ‘Local Health and Care Record Exemplars’ (LHCRE): One London, Greater Manchester and Wessex. 

 The success of the One London proposal recognises the positive and collaborative work to bring all parts of the London health and social care system together around an exciting and ambitious vision to connect services and integrate care in the Capital.   

 With the support of the Mayor of London, NHS England Regional, London Councils and the leadership of all five Strategic and Transformation Partnerships (STPs) across London, One London is the result of a strong, inclusive partnership approach designed to deliver the digital infrastructure necessary to support the sort of world class health and care services that Londoners expect.  The One London model focusses strongly on the delivery of data sharing between providers at the point of care across London to inform and support clinical decision making and inclusive patient access.  The first step in implementing our plans will be a deep and genuine conversation with all Londoners to inform how information should be used to revolutionise and improve care for individuals, families and communities. 

 In developing the One London offer, there was close working with the three London AHSNs and DigitalHealth.London to support the development of a digital innovation ecosystem for the capital, both for health providers and innovators and central to the delivery of One London and to share learning and spread in collaboration with South-West, West of England and Kent, Surrey & Sussex AHSNs. 

 London’s Chief Digital Officer, Theo Blackwell, said:“Through Local Health and Care Record Exemplars we are raising the bar for how the NHS can improve care through technology.  From emergency treatment to end of life care, this extra investment will transform how health and care data is shared between councils and the NHS across London. As well, it will save lives by providing health and care professionals timely access to relevant patient records, supporting effective clinical decision making. 

 Luke Readman, Chief Information Officer for the East London Health & Care Partnership and the Senior Responsible Officer for One London said: The unique One London partnership has formed around an exciting and ambitious vision of better public services offering Londoners, across all of our vibrant and diverse communities, much greater control over their own health and care, knowing that when needed, they can consistently access the right support in the right place at the right time.