Locum’s Nest launches free, on-demand NHS pay service with new partner Earnd

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator alumnus Locum’s Nest have announced a new partnership with Earnd which will allow temporary NHS staff to access their money without charges, as they earn it, on-demand.

Locum's Nest Earnd

Under existing processes, healthcare professionals who wish to be paid outside of normal pay-runs, have to pay in order to do so. The partnership between Locum’s Nest and Earnd will allow this service to be offered free to the NHS and its workers, forever. 

Temporary staff frequently have to wait as many as 60 days to be paid for additional shifts they work to help cover needs of the service, now they can be paid within days of their shift finishing, for free. The service will therefore create a healthier, more rewarding relationship between staff and employer by ensuring staff can align their pay with expenses.

Locum’s Nest and Earnd have made this pledge in order to help the Service manage scarce resources and ease financial worries for healthcare workers, as part of their wider ongoing Pledge towards ethical working with the Service.

This partnership is the latest in a series of moves by Locum’s Nest to support the NHS. Dr Ahmed Shahrabani, Co-Founder, explains, “We have chosen to work with Earnd because their proposition to our public service, like ours, is ethical, with no catch – their pledge to support the NHS with on-demand pay is free and it will be so forever!” 

“This ethos is something I know that the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator and NHS Innovation Accelerator programmes look for in their support of healthcare innovation also. We are proud to have been part of the Accelerator programme and to continue working on ethical ways to help our NHS for patient, population and staff benefit.”

“Workers who do additional shifts should not have to wait weeks and weeks and weeks to be paid, this system allows them to be paid much more quickly, and it won’t cost to do so.”

Josh Vernon, Earnd CEO said, “Now more than ever we need to stand together to support our NHS. On-demand pay makes booking additional shifts more attractive to both Trusts and doctors, thus reducing the need to use expensive agencies. By offering Earnd for free to the NHS we make it easier than ever for Trusts to reduce their agency costs, whilst also supporting their staff’s financial wellbeing.”

This feature is now available via the recently-launched Locum’s Nest Link product.