Launchpad Company Hibi Launches Care Companion for Families of Children with Developmental Differences and Health Conditions

DigitalHealth.London Launchpad company Hibi announce the launch of their digital care platform that supports families caring for and supporting children with developmental differences and health conditions.

Hey! We’re Hibi, a digital care platform supporting families managing, coordinating and navigating the complex world of caregiving.

Today, the status quo involves towers of paper folders, long waits on telephone helplines, and a whole lot of Googling. Having seen how overwhelming the health, education and social care systems can be, we built and founded Hibi with the mission of making sure that all children and their families have the tools, resources and support they need to receive the best care possible.

Our app is making a significant impact worldwide by supporting thousands of families raising children with developmental delays and health conditions. Through innovative care management tools and expert guidance, we empower these families to confidently navigate complex health systems.

I got to save myself in not one but two emergency situations with my daughter, as I could deal and comfort my little one while the paramedics took all the info that they needed from the app and not from my emotional/tired/overwhelmed self in the hard moments. I’ve been telling everyone about it ever since.

Mum and HIBI User

Hibi brings together typically fragmented, multi-disciplinary care teams through multi-carer access, ensuring everyone is on the same page. Our industry-leading standards, technical and organisational measures ensure data privacy, protection and security for users.

Our story started with co-founders Sam Milliken-Smith – who’d seen both personally and professionally the challenges facing families caring for children with developmental differences – and healthcare and technology-focused entrepreneur and software engineer, Uzay Macar. After banding together at start-up accelerator, Entrepreneur First, Sam and Uzay spoke with hundreds of parent and professional carers to hone in on what they’d want from a digital care tool.

Driven by this community and guidance from advisers – including Accurx founder Laurence Bargery, Differing Minds’ Jess Meredith, paediatrician Richard Daniels and Children in Motion’s Anel van der Merwe – Hibi launched publicly at the start of 2024. 

Supported by UK Research and Innovation, the University of Cambridge and DigitalHealth.London, Hibi has since partnered with care organisations including Differing Minds, Prova Health and York Health Economics Consortium. Our team has also grown, recently welcoming Kush Gaikwad as Lead Engineer and Melanie Dimmitt as Head of Content and Community.

Over the summer, a grant awarded by UK Research and Innovation & Innovate UK will see us further developing the app and running a study to explore the impact Hibi is having on families raising children with developmental differences. We’ll also be introducing our premium offering – Hibi Plus – and continuing to work closely with our fast-growing community to keep improving a platform that we’re hearing, more and more every day, is life-changing. 

Together, we’re building Hibi to be the ultimate care companion.

Hibi works with a range of partner organisations to improve the support provided to families of children with developmental and health conditions. Reach out to us at to learn more.

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