IBEX Bone Health Revolutionises Osteoporosis Screening with AGFA DensityScan™

Current Accelerating FemTech company IBEX Innovations Ltd., has announced the integration of it’s IBEX Bone Health (BH) software into DensityScan™, an advanced AI-driven workflow for Agfa Radiology Solutions DR X-ray equipment.

Each year, osteoporosis is responsible for around 180,000 fractures in England and Wales, with more than one in three women and one in five men suffering from one or more osteoporotic fractures in their lifetime. This risk escalates significantly with age, as prevalence rises from around 2% at 50 years old to nearly 50% at 80 years old. These statistics underscore the substantial impact of osteoporosis on fracture rates, emphasising the critical need for efficient screening and intervention measures.

DensityScan™, driven by IBEX BH, is an innovative solution to the pressing demand for enhanced osteoporosis screening. By measuring subregional areal bone mineral density (aBMD) and estimating the T-score using wrist X-ray images, DensityScan™ is able to streamline the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of osteoporosis .

Secondary captures are also stored through the MUSICA workstation, which allow clinicians quick access to patient results, establishing a crucial foundation for fracture risk evaluation and providing a platform for swift action for diagnosis or treatment initiation.

IBEX BH’s integration into DensityScan™ represents a significant leap forward in the field of medical imaging technology. Through the introduction of automated osteoporosis screening in conjunction with routine X-rays, healthcare professionals, providers and patients will be able to benefit from increased efficiency and cost-savings within clinical pathways.

Routine access to osteoporosis screening through a simple wrist X-ray offers a route to earlier and more widespread diagnosis of this silent, chronic disease.”

“Diagnosis is the first step to change, and we are excited to be working with Agfa Radiology Solutions to put this technology into the hands of clinicians. Wrist X-rays are just the start, and we will be widening compatibility to screen even more patients in the future.

Dr Paul Scott
CEO at IBEX Innovations Ltd.

“DensityScan™ is a key part of Agfa’s vision to transform radiology by bringing intelligent and definitive answers to patients through X-ray imaging. This will especially reduce the risk for women, half of whom will break a bone due to osteoporosis during their lifetime.”

Paul Danini
Global Software Marketing Manager at Agfa Radiology Solutions

Find out more at IBEX Bone Health Powers Agfa DensityScan, a Revolution in Osteoporosis Screening – IBEX Innovations.

IBEX Innovations Ltd. is currently on the Accelerating FemTech programme.

Accelerating FemTech is a 10-week support programme for small / medium-sized companies (SMEs) from across the UK, that have early-stage innovations addressing current challenges in women’s health. Building on the Health Innovation Network for South London’s experience of running the award-winning DigitalHealth.London Accelerator, the programme will provide companies developing products to solve women’s health challenges with bespoke support through expert-led workshops and mentoring. 

This programme is led by the Health Innovation Network for South London with Innovate UK funding as part of the Biomedical Catalyst, and is being supported by a collaboration of partners.