Evidence Generation Case Study: White Swan

The DigitalHealth.London Generator supported White Swan to pivot their product development roadmap to ensure they are clinically robust, as well as develop a roadmap for, and implement parts of, their evidence generation pathway. DigitalHealth.London were able to facilitate White Swan’s engagement with academics to help them answer their research questions and to sit on their advisory board.

White Swan Evidence Generation

“We came to the Accelerator not knowing what we didn’t know, and we very quickly understood the importance of evidence generation. This was one area in particular that we realised we needed to focus on. The pathway and the roadmap that we are now on has been largely dictated by what we learnt in those first few months of the Accelerator workshops.” – Beth Fordham, Operations Director for White Swan.

White Swan is an alumni of the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme.

The DigitalHealth.London Accelerator is a collaborative programme funded by London’s three Academic Health Science Networks – UCL Partners, Imperial College Health Partners, and the Health Innovation Network, MedCity, CW+ and receives match funding from the European Regional Development Fund.