Early stage investment: advice from an investor

Early stage investment: advice from an investor

For this session in our Autumn Webinar Series, we’re joined by Mike Wright, Head of Health & Investment at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity. The Charity supports new ideas that tackle major health and care issues in the London boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark, providing funding, investment and other support to individuals and organisations with potential to make an impact.

Mike discusses the benefits and opportunities of seed investment in the development strategy of health start-ups, sharing examples of start-ups and entrepreneurs the Charity has actively supported in recent years.

The session covers

  • What do small companies need to know about SEED funding in healthcare?
  • What does Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity look for in funding applicants?
  • Case studies of past companies who have successfully secured investment from the Charity

Additional Resources

Due diligence template from GSTT Charity

Mike has kindly made available the Charity’s due diligence template, which is used as the basis for due diligence for the majority of the Charity’s investments.

Please note that this template is just an indication of the types of investigations expected in a due diligence process, and shouldn’t be taken as a comprehensive list of requirements.

Our thanks to Guys & St Thomas’ Charity for their contribution to this session.


Our thanks to the Health Foundry for hosting the webinar