Dr Julian: Free training for therapists during COVID-19

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator Alumnus, Dr Julian, is offering free training sessions to mental health therapists to help them transition to working online during the current COVID-19 crisis. Dr Julian Nesbitt, founder of Dr Julian, gives us the latest update…

I founded the Dr Julian platform to tackle a problem that I had noticed through my work: that patients did not get easy enough access to mental health services. The Dr Julian platform connects patients to therapists giving them choice of who they want to see, what time is suitable to them and choice of video/ audio/ instant message appointments. By working online, patients can have the appointment in whatever location in the world suits them including the comfort of their own home. This solution can increase efficiency in the system allowing therapists to work from home and patients to connect with a much larger network of therapists.

This is especially important during the COVID-19 crisis, to allow care to continue while also keeping patients and therapists safe. With this in mind, we are now offering a free training session “Tips and tricks of how to work therapeutically online” to mental health therapists to help them transition to working in an online environment during this crisis – something many may not be used to. 

Our Psychotherapy Director, Philippa Weitz, is one of the leading experts in online therapy and even has her own online training academy, and she will be delivering the free training session. All Dr Julian therapists are trained-up and gain qualifications to work therapeutically online. 

Many therapists may be struggling at the moment and there is a real need to share knowledge of how to work effectively online. With the proper training, the online experience can be even better than in person, as patients can sometimes feel more comfortable in their own environment and my feel freer to open up. It’s important that therapists are equipped to work safely online whether that means simple things like knowing how to adjust the camera to the right position or making sure they are in safe space to deliver therapy to more complex issues such as how to manage risk and safeguarding when working online. 

You can access the training here

We will keep you updated on future sessions through our Twitter channel. Please do spread the word with all you think might benefit!