DigitalHealth.London partners with Intelligent Health UK 2023

DigitalHealth.London is once again partnering with Inspired Minds for the Intelligent Health 2023 UK conference on 24 and 25 May.

Alongside The Health Innovation Network, DigitalHealth.London will be hosting a challenge session entitled “Upskilling the workforce: How can we provide health and social care workers with the AI knowledge they will soon need?”.

Artificial Intelligence is going to be a vital part of supporting the NHS and social care staff in the future and ensuring our healthcare system can tackle the challenges it is currently facing. New AI platforms and applications are continually being introduced to healthcare, and it is vital that health and social care workers are given the knowledge and skills they need to deal with this new technology in every day practice. In this challenge session, the panel of NHS staff, AI professionals and Founders of AI-based companies will discuss how to facilitate better education for health and care staff, the best ways to empower the workforce with AI and how to build trust in new AI-based tech.

Date: 24 May
Time: 13:40-14:40
Location: Challenge session room

To find out more about the conference and book your tickets, visit the Intelligent Health UK website.