Digital Health.London hosts Irish digital health accelerator

DigitalHealth.London had the pleasure of hosting Irish accelerator, EIT Health-Trinity Validator, at the end of its European road trip on 9 August.

The EIT Health-Trinity Validator is a new intensive two-month digital health incubator hosted at Trinity College Dublin. It gives early stage Digital Health start-ups the opportunity to validate their business idea and find their product/market fit in Europe.

DigitalHealth.London organised a stimulating day for the ten Validator companies on behalf of Imperial College Health Partners (ICHP), the Academic Health Science Network for North West London.


Unboxed: London’s digital health scene

To set the scene, the morning session at ICHP began with an overview of digital innovation in London and a drop-in session covering integrated care, data and business intelligence, and the new Innovation Exchange.


“The way it was organised was very good in my opinion. With smaller groups we had more intimate conversations and had more opportunities to ask questions relevant to our own projects.”

Talita Holzer Saad, waytoB

I really got a realistic insight into the NHS healthcare system. I found the day very informative and relatable to the area I am looking at. Everyone was very friendly, took a great interest, and truly wanted to help.”

Niamh Malone, Brainey App


Digital Health.London hosts Irish digital health accelerator

Gemma Gerzon, ICHP (centre) with EIT Health Trinity Validator companies

Big data simulation at Imperial College

After lunch, Professor Yi-Ke Guo, Professor of Computing Science at the Data Science Institute, Imperial College London, treated the group to an fascinating demonstration of visual data simulations in the Global Data Observatory: from personalised medicine to real-time Bitcoin transaction using Blockchain technology.

The Data Observatory is the largest of its kind in Europe. A circular bank of computer-powered monitors facilitates 300 degrees of surround vision to give visitors an immersive experience of the power of big data. Businesses can visualise their data in ways that uncovers new insights and opportunities.

Digital Health.London hosts Irish digital health accelerator
Digital Health.London hosts Irish digital health accelerator

Tweet from one of the Validator participants

Front left to right: Professor Pasi Karjalainen from Adamant Health, Dr Jazmin Aguado-Sierra from ELEM Biotech and Professor Yi-ke Guo

Why data analysis is crucial for start ups

Andi Orlowski, Head of Business Intelligence at ICHP, explained how data analysis and visualisation can be a powerful tool to persuade customers, including the NHS, to pilot and adopt digital products. From showing customers why a situation exists using flow diagrams, to predictive analysis such as modelling cost savings and telling stories to move the customer to take action.


“Probably the best presentation of the whole trip. Andi is a great speaker and we loved hearing about how data can have a positive impact in rea-life applications, especially in health services.”

Talita Holzer Saad, waytoB


Digital Health.London hosts Irish digital health accelerator

Andi Orlowski from ICHP with Validator participants

Pitch perfect

A lively pitching session energised the Validator participants before dinner. Each company presented a two-minute elevator pitch, which included their plans for the UK market. All of the companies came in on time and it was evident that the Validator programme had prepared them well.

Dragons from the Mayor of London’s office, Silicon Valley Bank and DigitalHealth.London posed questions and provided helpful feedback.

One dragon gave Niamh Malone, founder of Brainey App, excellent feedback on her moving and persuasive pitch.

“I came away with really positive vibes for somewhere that I would be able to link to. Everyone was approachable and genuinely wanted to help. The event both during the day and at pitching was informal but I got loads out of it. For me, it was the most focused and relevant stop on the road trip.”

Niamh Malone, Brainey App


London is open

The evening’s keynote speaker, Theo Blackwell, London’s Chief Digital Officer, talked about the mayor’s ambition to make London the smartest city in the world. He also discussed the Smarter London roadmap, which includes 20 initiatives that will help London achieve its digital ambition through the collaboration of the city’s 33 local authorities and public services.

Company lowdowns


Adamant Health

NeuroTracking is a software solution for more accurate and effective treatment for Parkinson’s disease with electromyography and motion analysis with wearable AI sensors.



Avalanche has developed a 3D recognition system to replace manual documentation of deployed implants during surgical operations.


Brainy App

Fatigue Friend prevents full-blown episodes of chronic fatigue through a series of alerts based on recognising early warning stages of fatigue onset. It enables self-management of fatigue and energy levels.


European Blockchain Vaccination Pass

EBV–pass is an electronic vaccination passport that uses blockchain technology to enable recording, tracking and monitoring of vaccines.

ELEM Biotech

Alya Red is a virtual human, designed to optimise medical treatments for patients to improve and extend their lives.



Tight Alright is a ‘smart’ compression device that measures and monitors sub-bandage pressure for improved treatment of venous leg ulcers. @FeelTect



Via App gives patients control of their discharge care plan from home through smart devices. The patient will have instant access to their care plan anytime, anywhere.



Tracworx is a patient tracking system that gives hospitals complete visibility and transparency.


Atrial fibrillation (AF) increases the risk of stroke five times. Afi is an easy to use, long-term monitoring system that helps GPs to prevent stroke by the early detection of AF.



WaytoB is a smartphone and smartwatch solution to enable people with intellectual disabilities to navigate by themselves, while providing peace of mind to loved ones.