Digital Pioneer Spotlight: Gavin Giovannoni

The latest in our series of Spotlights on the 2016/17 NHS Digital Pioneer Award nominees.giovannoni-shift-ms-july-2011

Gavin is Professor of Neurology, Blizard Institute, Barts and The London.

Gavin is a Pioneer for Digital Leadership, after becoming involved in a significant list of digital health initiatives, including blogs, websites, a portal for self-monitoring apps for people with MS, the PML Risk calculator, a spinoff company to expand and commercialise the platform that is running PredictPD, and a slide share site.

Since Gavin and his team set up the MS Research Blog 6-years ago, it has become one of the most influential and most visited MS websites, with circa 250k hits per month. The blog is supported by other social media platforms, received the best MS Blog Award 2016 and has been critically acclaimed by many organisations.

The platform has been used to launch several other digital-health innovations, which have been successful in their own right, including Digesting-Science, a course for the children of people with MS, and ClinicSpeak, a website of microapps to help people with MS manage their own disease.

The blog has also been used to help people with MS understand their disease and treatments, as well as becoming a co-design portal which designed the PROXIMUS clinical trial, an education portal for healthcare professionals.