Digital Health Today: Ben Maruthappu on transformation in the NHS

#005: Dr Ben Maruthappu, co-founder of the NHS Innovation Accelerator, shares his insights on transforming the NHS

Dr Maruthappu is the co-founder of the NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA), and was the first person from British healthcare to be included in Forbes 30 under 30. He currently serves as the Senior Fellow to the CEO of NHS England where he advises on £100 billion of national health spending ($150 billion) and is a member of the DigitalHealth.London Advisory Board.

Dr Maruthappu explains the myriad activities and programs in place throughout the NHS, and importantly, he provides some insights on the best ways to access the resources that are available to support healthcare innovators. The session discussed the activities and the success of the NHS Innovation Accelerator and the pathway to commercialisation it has opened for it’s first class of 17 companies.

Topics include:

  • The “Five Year Forward View” for the NHS
  • How demographics affect quality of care
  • Improving care for Type II Diabetes as a way of decreasing costs
  • Examples of improved innovation and efficacy at the NHS
  • Opportunities for innovating with NHS
  • An explanation of the Accelerator
  • What the NHS looks for in terms of partnerships
  • Regulations, reimbursement, and how they factor
  • Private and public money available for grants
  • Goals for change within the NHS