Accelerator company PocDoc announces world-first, smartphone-based blood test for cardiovascular disease

PocDoc, an alumnus company of the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme, has launched a world-first smartphone-based test for cardiovascular disease. The diagnostic technology will aid early detection, allowing anyone with a smartphone or tablet to take an accurate blood test from wherever they are, with results available via the PocDoc app.

Currently finishing its NHS research trials with an aim to launching this Spring, the PocDoc test will cover the full five marker lipid panel that has been established as the gold standard for cardiovascular assessment. In only six minutes, someone will get the same markers tested using just a smartphone anytime, anywhere, instead of waiting days or weeks for the same result through a standard lab test.

Cardiovascular disease is a major issue for health and social care in the UK, placing a considerable financial burden on the NHS and wider society. CVD-related healthcare costs alone in England amount to an estimated £7.4 billion per year, while annual costs to the wider economy are estimated at £15.8 billion*. Identifying those at highest risk of CVDs early on and ensuring they receive appropriate treatment can prevent many cases and reduce the strain on health services.

PocDoc estimates its technology could save the NHS millions per year from reduced staff costs, administrative savings, reduced pathology costs and improved health outcomes just for cardiovascular disease. The start-up is in discussions with numerous local NHS groups about piloting PocDoc tests in the coming months to support the NHS in clearing the backlog of patients needing health screening for major diseases.

CEO & Co-Founder, Steve Roest, says: “Compounded by the backlogs caused by COVID, the lack of access to blood tests for regular health screening is creating a ticking timebomb in public health.

Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer in the world – but unlike cancer, it is largely preventable. We believe that the key to fighting back is to increase access to testing, as early detection and ongoing monitoring improves patient outcomes.

Personal diagnostics can free up desperately needed clinical time for the NHS while also helping people to detect potential health issues earlier for a fraction of the price of lab testing, helping to avoid long and costly treatment down the line and improve health outcomes across the board.

The DigitalHealth.London Accelerator has helped us develop and deploy the PocDoc platform at scale to unlock the power of digitally enabled rapid testing in the healthcare system – whether for Covid-19, cardiovascular disease or diabetes.”


PocDoc is a member of the fifth cohort of the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme.

The DigitalHealth.London Accelerator is a collaborative programme funded by two of London’s Academic Health Science Networks – UCL Partners, and the Health Innovation Network, as well as MedCity, CW+ and receives match funding from the European Regional Development Fund.