Accelerator alumnus company Motilent receives FDA 510k clearance and national hospital partnership for gut-imaging software

Motilent’s product GIQuant®, provides a clinically validated, objective disease activity score for small bowel Crohn’s disease based on intestinal motility and has recently received FDA 510k clearance in the USA – the rollout of this technology will be in partnership with Nuance AI solutions.

Motilent was created to support people affected by digestive diseases, and ultimately help get patients on the right treatment more quickly. The post-processing software, GIQuant, already used in UK institutions including Great Ormond Street Hospital, works alongside standard magnetic resonance imaging scans to measure and track movement of the intestine. This measure of intestinal movement, known as ‘motility’, is often affected by gastrointestinal disease activity, and thus provides insights into disease progression.

With an initial focus on Crohn’s disease, GIQuant aids physicians in advanced image assessment: providing data led insights to monitor therapeutic response and allow for more informed clinical treatment decisions. This extra layer of objective data – collected non-invasively – can help physicians take patients off ineffective therapies faster and speeds up patient treatment journeys.

The new FDA 510k clearance gives Motilent the greenlight to deploy GIQuant across healthcare providers in the US. Supporting the move into the US healthcare market, the company has also announced a new partnership with AI patient-care software provider Nuance.

Collaborating with Nuance, GIQuant will equip clinicians, radiologists and care teams with new motility data and a suite of actionable insights to help monitor, understand, and ultimately improve clinical quality and patient safety.

For me, the digestive tract has always been an enigmatic but crucial system that influences how we feel, what we think and often how we act. To date, our options for analysing the gut have been limited – hindering basic research, drug development and ultimately effective patient treatment. With FDA clearance, our first product GIQuant can be used in combination with routine MRI to easily evaluate gastrointestinal function. I’m hugely proud of the Motilent team and excited by the potential this technology has to improve the management of digestive disease. Every healthcare market is different but our time on the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator was important in helping us refine our implementation strategy for the roll out of GIQuant in the UK and we’re excited to take what we’ve learned as we expand to North America and help improve the quality of care for many more patients.

– Alex Menys, CEO, Motilent

Motilent is an alumnus company of the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme.

The DigitalHealth.London Accelerator is a collaborative programme funded by London’s two Academic Health Science Networks – UCL Partners, and the Health Innovation Network, MedCity, CW+ and receives match funding from the European Regional Development Fund.