90% of clinicians back PocDoc app to help run Covid-19 screenings

DigitalHealth.London Accelerator company, PocDoc, have released the results of an extensive user survey which found that for over 90% of the clinicians surveyed, the PocDoc app made it easier for them to run COVID-19 screenings.

The simplicity of the PocDoc app platform was emphasised by 100% of clinicians stating it took “less than 5 minutes” to be fully trained and 100% stating that the PocDoc app was ‘easy’ or ‘very easy’ to use.

PocDoc combines rapid testing with a smartphone app, allowing users to test themselves, receive results and a health assessment immediately for major diseases such as Cardiovascular Disease and Type 2 Diabetes. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, PocDoc has provided workplaces, live events and travel hubs such as Edinburgh Airport with a rapid, end-to-end solution for Covid testing.

Over 90% of people who were screened using the app stated that the PocDoc app made the process “easy”.

100% of Clinicians surveyed agreed that using the PocDoc app and tests would be “significantly easier” than currently available methods for screening for Cardiovascular Disease, supporting the role that PocDoc’s app-based digital rapid testing platform can play in the fight against major diseases

PocDoc Co-Founder and CEO, Steve Roest said: “The team at PocDoc strive to give users and clinicians the best possible experience and DigitalHealth.London have been supporting us in our efforts to demonstrate this. Solutions like PocDoc which enable individuals to be screened via smartphone or tablet for major diseases, with blood test results and assessment happening in real time can dramatically improve patient outcomes and remove the burden on primary care services. ”