10 Accelerator alumni on NHSX remote monitoring supplier list

Ten Accelerator alumni companies have been listed in the new NHSX Spark Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for remote monitoring.

Use of remote monitoring has become vital during the COVID-19 pandemic as it allows individuals to receive care, both for COVID-19 or for long-term conditions, outside of traditional clinical settings where there is a risk of virus transmission.

The Spark DPS streamlines the procurement process to allow NHS and social care organisations to access the remote technology services they need quickly and securely. Buyers from these organisations can compare solutions from a list of suppliers who have already been assessed on their suitability to manage outpatients or deliver vital signs monitoring remotely. This means that these suppliers do not need to demonstrate their suitability to each buyer. Ten Accelerator alumni have been included on the list:

Lot 2 (products which can support Remote Monitoring):

Lot 3 (products which can support outpatient flows):

Jenny Thomas, Programme Director of DigitalHealth.London said, “Remote monitoring is more important now than ever and the new NHSX Spark DPS framework will help NHS and social care organisations find providers quickly and ultimately deliver care safely. I am delighted to hear that a number of alumni from DigitalHealth.London’s Accelerator programme have been included on the framework’s supplier list, and are helping to keep patients safe at home whilst still ensuring they receive the care they need during this time.”

“It has taken a lot of hard work to ensure we meet all the criteria and we are delighted that we have been successful,” said Dr Rosie Scott, co-founder of Definition Health, the company behind LifeBox. “It now means any NHS hospital can easily and quickly procure the LifeBox pre-operative health assessment (ePOA) app which will provide safe and secure remote assessment of patients who are preparing for surgery during these difficult times.

“Our year on the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator programme has given us a huge insight and understanding of the complexities of business management with respect to working with the NHS and this will be an invaluable tool as we go forward with our work for the DPS.”

Nirmit Upadhyay, Business Development Manager at Healum said, “We are so pleased to be listed as suppliers supporting outpatient flows in the news Spark Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

“Getting on to the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator has indeed been a worthwhile journey Healum took in 2018, as it helped us not just understand the lay of the health land, but their amazing team also keep supporting us even after the programme – it’s like an extended corporate family to us now.”

Dr Debashish Das, CEO of Ortus-iHealth said, “We’re delighted to be listed as suppliers in the Spark Dynamic Purchasing System for BOTH remote monitoring & outpatient flows. The support we received while on the DigitalHealth.London Accelerator and our work with our NHS partners generating our evidence has helped us to be recognised as a reputable supplier. We believe remote monitoring (virtual wards), digitised outpatients with patient-initiated contacts to be a crucial next step in the NHS outpatient transformation journey. The Accelerator, and more particularly our NHS Navigator, was pivotal in this application process success.”

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